Hans Frank

The Jew butcher of Cracow

Who was Hans Frank?

Hans Frank was educated as a lawyer.  However, he gained his title of the Jew Butcher of Cracow in his time as the Governor of the Generalgouvernment of Poland.  He held this position from 1939 until the end of the war.  While he was ruling, about 2.5 million Jews were sent to labor camps.

Hans Frank at the Nuremberg Trials

What was Hans' fate?

At the beginning of the trial, Hans claimed to have had no knowledge of Auschwitz.  However, when Hans' journal was used as evidence against him, he admitted his guilt.  Then he pled to the court for mercy.  The pleading was not successful and Hans was set to be executed.  Hans Frank was hanged on October 16, 1946.

Was this the right consequence?

The results of the Nuremberg trials will forever be questioned.  Some people will always think that the Nazi war criminals should have been treated the same as the Jews were treated in concentration camps.  Likewise, other people believe that many of these war criminals were acting on direct orders from the leaders of their government, and therefore they should not be held responsible.  In my opinion, Hans Frank being hanged was the correct punishment.  I believe that Frank did deserve to be tortured, but in doing this, the new set of murderers would be no different than the criminals being tried.  This was a very painless way for such a criminal to be extinguished, but given the circumstances, I believe this was the correct punishment.