Texas School Nurses Organization

January 2019

Mission Statement & Vision Statement

To enhance whole student wellness in support of health and learning by advancing school nursing practice.

Student access to health and learning. All day. Every day.

This newsletter takes NASN’s Framework for 21st Century School Nursing Practice approach.

President's Message

Happy New Year,

I hope you all had a restful and peaceful break. Isn’t it wonderful to work at a place that lets you off for the holidays? I just love my job.

As we look toward 2019 there are a few things to keep in mind. This is a legislative year in Texas and there are several bills that we are hoping to pass. Kevin is working hard in our corner to help this happen. But remember, we all can play a part. We will be posting to social media often a list of the bills that we are watching and the action taking place on them. If you haven’t liked our page do so now so that you can be kept up to date. The other thing you can do is talk to your representative and senator. They really do care what you have to say.

The TSNO board and executive committee also care what you have to say. We have the survey results from the annual conference back and we will be looking at them at our meeting in a couple of weeks. We will then share those results with you and try to address areas of concern.

Our very own Laurie Combe from Klein ISD will be inducted as the president of the National Association of School Nurses at the NASN annual conference this summer in Denver. I hope you all can make plans to attend and show your support to Laurie.

Even though it is only January, May will be here before we know it and another school year will be finished. Time seems to go so fast now. Do everything you can every day to make a difference in the life of a child. Give them a smile, a hug or a quick high five. Just let them see that you care.

I look forward to the coming year, serving as your president, and furthering the agenda of TSNO.

Lisa Formby

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NASN2019 Justification Toolkit

NASN has once again developed an Annual Conference Justification Toolkit. You can use this toolkit to begin planning your trip to NASN2019 next summer in Denver, Colorado. The toolkit includes event details including registration fees, hotel rates, preconference fees, and an attendance rationale you can share with your employer. Currently, we are in the process of reviewing and finalizing general session speaker lineup, as well as determining the top workshops, breakout sessions, and exhibitors.

National Certification

The Nationally Certified School Nurse credential reflects competence and professionalism. To earn the NCSN a nurse must demonstrate a high level of education, clinical practice experience and knowledge.

To learn more visit https://www.nbcsn.org/

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Did you know...

TSNO is supported by Legislative Consultant Kevin Stewart

Kevin Stewart has been a proud Austinite for most of his life, and currently lives in North Austin with his wife and their dog (and a baby on the way!). He attended The University of Texas at Austin for both undergraduate and law degrees, focusing his studies on health law, the legislative process, and statutory interpretation. He started his career at the Texas Nurses Association, and then went on to start his law firm. Finally, he’s the author of the Texas Legislative Law Handbook and a member of the Campaign & Legislative Law Section of the State Bar.
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Happy New Year, TSNO members!

With the beginning of a New Year comes an opportunity of reflection and time to listen to your heart while seeking potential new opportunities in 2019. What are your New Year’s resolutions? One of my resolutions is self-care. Caring for mind, body, and spirit can go beyond self-care, as it transitions to improve your nursing care and practice. Self-care behaviors can include healthier nutrition, exercise, meditation, reading, prayer, and even laughter. UT Southwestern Medical Center offers a list of helpful Self-Care Apps to consider in wellness activities.

Have you considered including a professional resolution? You can rest assured TSNO will continue to advocate for improved school health, student safety, and school nursing practice, but it takes many Voices and constant Visibility in the public arena. I challenge you to add to your New Year’s resolution how you can contribute to your professional organization. Join a TSNO committee, position, or office: TSNO needs YOU to meet the commitments and challenges of school nursing and school health which keep our students healthy, safe, and ready to learn. Together, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of millions of Texas learners!

My Best Wishes to you for a Healthy, Safe and Prosperous New Year!

Warmest regards,

Francis Luna

NASN -TX Director

Have you Claimed Your School?

I have, and it only took me minutes. NASN and TSNO strongly believes every child deserves a school nurse all day, every day! By using the NASN, my.nasn.org (my profile) you can input your place of employment under “Link Me to an Organization.” NASN will use this information to better target NASN’s recruitment and advocacy efforts: It will take all members to do our part in building evidence to transform school nursing for the future. I challenge you to take a few moments and act now. Follow this link to Claim your School today!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

In your service,

Francis Luna, BSN, RN, NCSN

NASN-Texas Director


Free CNE Opportunities for TSNO/NASN Members! Click the link!

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Texas State University St. David’s School of Nursing is conducting a Research Study:

Successes & Barriers with TRAT2DC Screening Follow-ups.

This is a study that focuses on Texas School Nurses’ experiences.


Our study is gathering information on the successes and barriers you face with referrals for children found to be “at risk” for Type 2 diabetes during TRAT2DC school screening.

The survey will only take about 10 minutes of your time.

Please click on the link below or copy and paste the URL into your browser


For questions, please contact:

Star Mitchell, PhD, RN (512) 716-2956 or sam418@txstate.edu

Melinda Hester, DNP, RN (512) 716-2927 or m_g97@txstate.edu

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The Children's Safety Network website has an unbelievable amount of resources and information on topics from social media safety, car safety, and everything in between. If you haven't yet, check it out!


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New Membership Corner sharing segment!

Don't sit quietly, use your voice! Every month I will post a question, and will share your answers in next month's newsletter! Access the question of the month by clicking the yellow "Share your Story" link!

The Results are In! You responded, and here's what you wanted to share!

What I wish I knew when I was new...

1. I wish someone had shared with me that there were standards of professional school nursing practice that could have guided me to a competent level of school nursing practice and professional performance.

2. I wish I knew about the NASN Position Statements and Briefs for they are evidence-based papers summarizing the historical, political, and/or scientific aspects regarding a topic related to school nursing, or school health services which NASN takes a stance on. Francis Luna, BSN, RN, NCSN

3. a. how to define and articulate the professional school nurse role to myself, administrators, school board, staff, etc.

b. that every SN decision must be designed to impact the student health outcomes that influence education outcomes

c. the value of adopting the mantra, "I support student success. Every decision. Every action. Because healthy students are better learners."

4. A lot more about diabetes type 1 and how to cover carb counts, corrections, and little rules like don’t correct within 2 hrs of eating.

5. How to differentiate and describe skin rashes/wounds/bites. How to get vision and hearing screenings completed by myself.

6. That pain is REALLY subjective!

Save The Date

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TSNO Executive Committee


PRESIDENT Lisa Formby - Region 16


PRESIDENT-ELECT Karen Schwind - Region 13


TREASURER Luisa Herrera- Region 19


Secretary Adalia Del Bosque - Region 1


NASN DIRECTOR Francis Luna - Region X







ADVOCACY CHAIR Chanthini Thomas - Region IV



MEMBER SERVICES Denise Kablaitis - Region 13



Membership Coordinator Linda Howard - Region 8


REGION PRESIDENTS Coordinator Deana Bunting - Region 5 deanabunting.tsno@gmail.com

Communications Coordinator Brandy Bowlen - Region IV bbowlen1@kleinisd.net

EXHIBIT LIAISON Amy Huey - Region X ahuey.tsno@gmail.com