The Year of the Hangman

By: Gary Blackwood

Main Characters

Creighton:trouble maker who gets sent to the colonies and is captured by American's. Is a Englishman that has to chose where his loyalties lie.

Colonel:Creighton's uncle.

Franklin:Takes Creighton in because he believes in him to be loyal, creates inventions and plans of the government.

Peter:A giant in the rebel army, help's Creighton out.

General Arnold: spy, befriends Creighton, likes violence more than peace.

Sophie: Franklin's maid/ daughter. Hate's the British but likes Creighton.

Main conflict

Creighton has to chose what side of the war he is on.

Beginning events

Creighton has been sent to the colonies.(America, this happened because Creighton was a trouble maker and his mom couldn't handle it anymore.)

They get captured by American rebels.( When Creighton got to America they decided to head down to Florida but on their way the American blew their ship up and captured them.)

They are headed to New Orleans, keeping the Colonel as prisoner and Creighton has been free'd.( These all can make him hate the American's more and then chose the British side, or he can understand why they are doing what they did.)

Middle events

His uncle is coming up with a plan to break out of jail and head back home.(His uncle doesn't want to be in jail anymore and needs to get back to his army.)

Creighton helps his uncle escape but his uncle hit creighton in the head so he couldn't follow or come with them.(Creighton sneaks a pistol to his uncle so he can break out but when his uncle got out he hit Creighton with it.)

Creighton found out his dad was actually hung not killed during war.(They were playing cards and then they brought up a man who was hung for helping the American's out and his name was Harry brown.)

Dr.Franklin died.(Franklin died because the Indians started burning down his printing press and he tried saving the docuents but actually got hit with wood and his lungs were full of smoke.)(Because of what his uncle did and learning about how his uncle was the one who practically got his dad killed could make him mad at the British and want revenge or not change his mind.)

End events

The Colonel and the General got in a duel and the Colonel was killed during it.(The colonel messed up the generals gun so he wouldn't win so then the Colonel shot the General but the General's gun didn't work so he grabbed his spare one and shot through both of the Colonel's ribs.)

Creighton found his dad in jail, turned out his dad actually didn't get hung.(Before the Colonel died he said a prison cells number so then they went to it ad found Creighton's dad.)

Creighton and the General get locked in jail.(They thought the jail cell was Washington's name so then they said then want to go in there to get Washington so then the people knew they were not the British and locked them in the cell with Harry Brown.)(The British won the war.(Creighton had to go through a lot of decisions but chose that his loyalties lay with the Americans.)