Ch15 002: Making a Proposal

Propose Your Plan for the Final Three Days of AC12


Your task is to propose what we should do the final three days of AC12, May 4-6. Follow the proposal format below.

  • You may work alone or with a partner. No groups of 3 or more.
  • Your proposals may be realistic or outrageous.
  • Keep in mind I plan to choose one of them for our final three days.


Follow the proposal format:

  1. What is the problem? What solution are you proposing?
  2. State your three reasons
  3. Answer possible objections
  4. Conclusion: Review your reasons and your solution.

Proposal Presentation Methods

Your final proposal "package" is up to you.

  1. Traditional written proposal
  2. Powerpoint presentation (Shared with the class)
  3. Speech (with or without posters or props)
  4. Screencast recording


Monday: Begin plans and work

Tuesday: Vocab quiz; continue work

Wednesday: Proposals due; lesson about progress reports