Computerized Health Records

The benefits of EMR's

Electronic Medical Records

Medical records should be computerized within the nest few years. These digital versions of patient's medical charts are gradually eliminating the old-fashioned paper files. EMR's "are designed to contain and share information from all providers involved in a patient’s care." In seconds, a patients's medical records can be sent across the country if needed. The speed and ease of access of the records will increase productivity in hospitals, doctor's offices, and in pharmacies. Electronic medical records "allow a patient’s health record to move with them—to other health care providers, specialists, hospitals, nursing homes, and even across states." With computerized files, a patient's history can be much more in depth and comprehensive because of the unlimited amount of space in the electronic record. Now that files will no longer have to be found among the piles of everyone else's records before treating a patient, all of a person's medical history can be found by just a name and birthday.

EMR Pros

  • Significantly fewer errors found within personal health records
  • Faster care and prescription fillings
  • Quickly transfers patient data from one place to the next
  • EMR's can save time during a doctor's office visit
  • Complete access to a patient’s records means no more filling out the same paperwork at each doctor’s office