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April 30, 2021

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Teacher Appreciation Week Next BMS Staff Tiger Stripe

This next week, May 3-7 is Staff Appreciation Week. Please consider taking a moment to complete a BMS Staff member a Tiger Stripe by quickly filling out this form. You will select the staff member and your comments will be emailed to them.

Attendance Line: 651-460-1405

Week in Review (April 19-23)

The Hero Squad fundraiser was a success! Thank you to everyone who donated. Fun was had with our theme days that brought awareness to the impact of Leukemia and Lymphoma. The best news of all is that we raised enough money to reach our goal!

This week we saw more positive COVID cases in our school and unfortunately had to quarantine a number of learners. Every week we get closer to finishing full in-person. Thank you for completing the daily health screening and staying home if needed in order to keep as many of our children in the classroom as possible.

You can help by

  • Keeping learners home if they are not feeling well, When in doubt, keep them home.
  • Keeping learners home if anyone in your family has COVID-19 Symptoms
  • Keeping learners home if anyone in your family has taken a COVID-19 test and is awaiting results

With the completion of the Math MCA this week, most of our learners are done with MCA testing. Our 8th graders will complete the MCA Science test on Thursday, May 6 from 9-11a. This will wrap up our MCA testing for this school year.

If you child was absent and/or quarantined during the MCA test, please reach out to Dan Thompson, our Assistant Principal ( if you would like your child to take the test upon returning to school.

Megan Blazek

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Middle School Registration May 3rd - May 14th

It's that time of year when all of our current 6th and 7th grader learners register for 21-22 school year. Learners will watch a registration video in their Tiger Connections sharing details about their options. Registration will be happening electronically at home with parents.

Watch for an email on May 3rd with a link to the registration form, directions on how to enter their selections into Campus, and a link to our course descriptions. Registration needs to be complete by May 14th.

Current 5th-grade learners will all register for the 21-22 school year May 3-14. Our counselors will be hosting a virtual transition meeting in their 5th-grade classrooms. Through these meetings, children learn more about the transition to middle school and have an opportunity to ask questions about the middle school experience. Our administration, counselors, and 6th-grade teachers will be hosting a Virtual Parent Night on Tuesday, May 4th at 7 pm. 5th-grade parents will receive additional information about registration and the Virtual Parent night via email.

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BMS Band Concert

Date: May 25, 2021

Place: BMS Stadium

Time: 7:00pm - arrive

7:30-8:00pm - Concert

Attire: Black pants-shorts

7th-8th graders - black band shirt from last year

6th graders - any black, white or orange shirt

Attendance: Each student may bring 2 audience members (also younger siblings)

*Audience members must wear masks at all times

*Audience members will sit 6 feet from other family groups

Please fill out the survey to let us know if your child will be participating in the concert.

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Farmington Tiger Dance Team

The Farmington Tiger Dance Team will be having tryouts that are open younger dancers in the Farmington community. The team is open to dancers currently in grades 6-11. Tryouts for the 2021-2022 Season are scheduled for May 20th & 22nd. Check out this link for more information: Farmington Dance Team

Farmington Area Public Schools Face Covering Procedures

Farmington Area Public Schools Face Coverings Procedures. This outlines the type of acceptable face coverings, times when it is permitted to remove it indoors, and directions on how to properly wear a face covering. In general, all students, staff, and other people present in school buildings and district offices or riding on school transportation vehicles are required to wear a face covering unless an accommodation or exemptions has been approved by an IEP team or building administration. Face coverings are meant to protect other people in case the wearer does not know they are infected.

Quarantine Information

If your learner has had a COVID-19 test and is awaiting results, they (and any learners in the household) cannot attend school or any activities until the building nurse or building administrator has verified they are medically cleared to return. Please see the linked resource for additional information from MDH regarding What to do While You Wait for a COVID-19 Test Result. If it is determined that a learner must quarantine or isolate the building nurse or building administrator will help determine the date of return.

Linked is the MDH Decision Tree that schools and youth programs will use to determine who will need to quarantine or isolate depending on the given circumstances. It also indicates when a person in quarantine or isolation may return to school or activities. As you can see in the Decision Tree, if a learner is sent home with COVID-19 symptoms any other learner(s) living in the same household will be sent home too.

As outlined in the most recent MDH Guidance, if a learner is a close contact of a positive COVID-19 case:

  • A 14-day quarantine remains the CDC’s recommendation for the greatest protection against COVID-19 and is required for household close contact and close contacts associated with athletics. Household and athletic close contacts cannot test out of quarantine.
  • A 10-day quarantine may be considered for non-household close contact with no symptoms.
  • A 7-day quarantine with a negative PCR test on or after day 5 may be considered for non-household close contact with no symptoms upon request. You can reach out directly to your school for additional information on shortened quarantine periods.

Parent How-To Tech Help Video Resources

How to Find Campus Portal

This short video will show you how to find Campus Portal. If you need to set up your account call 651-469-1400

iPad Tech Help

iPad First Aid

This is the first stop for troubleshooting issues with iPads. If you are not able to troubleshoot your issue please make an appointment with Mrs. Tredinnick or call the district tech helpline.

In-Person or Virtual Appointments with BMS Tech Support

Using this link you can schedule an in-person or virtual appointment with Mrs. Tredinnick our BMS Tech Support. These appointments are for iPad Help or Repair.

Phone Number

For help with your iPad or other technology questions that might be able to be solved by phone while off-campus, please call our student and family tech helpline during normal school hours: 651-463-5090. If after school hours, please leave a message and include the student’s name, school, your contact information, and a brief description of the issue.

About us

The mission of BMS, a welcoming, learner-centered community committed to personalization that nurtures curiosity and innovation, is to ensure that each learner exercises agency for continuous personal growth in order to find joy and well-being for their future while positively impacting their communities through a system distinguished by:

  • Personalization that honors the uniqueness of each learner
  • Mistakes and reflection as essential components of learning
  • Openness to new ideas and innovation
  • Safe environments that support a growth mindset
  • Partnering with the community to champion our learners
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