BobcaThon LT Meeting Minutes

Freshen up on all things BobcaThon from our Tuesday meeting!

Bobcat of the Week

The Bobcats of the Week this week are Samantha and Courtney! Thanks so much for joining our team and working so hard to get acquainted with your position and BobcaThon as a whole!

Calls to Action

  1. Think of ideas for the Taste of BobcaThon Hashtag
  2. Fill out the form for LT Spotlights as soon as possible! Abby will send it out.
  3. Make sure that your 70s, 80s photos are done by the next full LT meeting!
  4. Be sure to sign up for a Baking Day! Everyone needs to do one.
  5. We'll be painting the wall and chalking on Thursday at 9pm so please meet us all at the wall!

Presidential Team

Meg's Updates:

  1. Make sure that you are attending all of the events! If you have a prior obligation - reach out to your VP. We can work with you, just please communicate to us!

DJ Mikey Fresh's Updates

  1. Please make sure the you continue to turn in receipts! If you could write your name and the purpose for the purchase on the receipts, that would be great!
  2. We made $2,345 from the Pancake Breakfast! WOOHOO!

Internal Affairs Team

Jack's Updates:
  1. You're all great :)

Melissa's Updates:

  1. Dance is going really well!

Abby's Updates:

  1. #BobcaHashtags for Taste of BobcaThon: if you have any ideas, let Abby know!
  2. #OHIOLateNightFTK, #OHIOLateNightDM, #UpAllNightFTK
  3. #BobcaNight, #BobcaTaste, #BobcaLate, #BobcaDate
  4. Possibly do some incentives for people who follow our accounts at OHIO Late Nights
  5. LT Spotlight - Why We Dance Wednesdays!: Abby will send a link for the bio form, so fill it out!
  6. Be sure to keep using #FTKFriday!
  7. Communication Request Form - scratched! Set up a meeting for any large scale events or shoot an email for small scale announcements.

Katie's Updates:

  1. Meg, Katie and Maddi met with WPA to talk about joining BobcaThon!
  2. Dancer Meeting went really well! Follow up email for meeting minutes will be sent out!

External Affairs Team

Taylor's Updates:
  1. We got an invitation from BobcaThon! They're DM is February 6th and we'll get some details worked out to attend!

Gabby's Updates:

  1. Committee members will be at a Taste of BobcaThon to take photos or videos!
  2. Will be working on a recap video that will be prepped for the priority registration deadline.

Anna's Updates:

  1. Tempo Tantrums will for sure be at a Taste of BobcaThon
  2. Leading Tones are checking in tonight for a Taste of BobcaThon!
  3. New Chords on the Block are verified for the actual Dance Marathon!
  4. We have our first sponsor - Wendy's! WOOHOO!

Rosie's Updates:

  1. Proof has come back for the tshirts!
  2. We're going to be getting longsleeve shirts for exec! :)

Samantha and Courtney

  1. Removing February 6th for BuckeyeThon attendance
  2. Everyone needs to sign up for one!
  3. We'll be planning more house visits for next semester!
  4. We have our first family for the event! They live in Nelsonville so we don't have to worry about paying for a hotel!
  5. We're really close to getting a second family for the DM!

Planning Team

Kendra's Updates:
  1. Thanks for being great :)

Jon's Updates:

  1. Let's plan an event form! - Use it to get something reserved for an event! Jon will take care of it from that point forward!
  2. Scheduling for week before finals - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!
  3. Working on a promotion for next week - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!
  4. Possibly handing out some hot chocolate for tabling next week.

Schmitty's Updates:

  1. Thanks for helping out with the pancake breakfast!

  2. We got $60 from BW3s!!

  3. Committee members had great ideas - do a flash mob at a basketball game or at the library! Do a penny war among the leadership team and the color team!

  4. Any fundraiser ideas? Text Schmitty!

Tessa and Emily's Updates:

  1. 80s are due at the next Leadership Team!
  2. We made FTK Letters!

That's it for this week!

Stay tuned for the next minutes update after the next LT Meeting!