A Natrual Disaster


Earthquakes can cause terrible disasters. Everyday, about 500,000 quakes could possibly happen (National Geographic). Earthquakes can happen anytime, and anywhere. It all starts from a plate of the Earth’s crust. The crust is like a puzzle with multiple pieces, and a plate is one piece. According to National Geographic, the estimation of the fastest plate shifting is about 6 inches per year. When a plate constantly messes with another plate, it causes an earthquake. In populated areas, they can cause the most damage by breaking structures, windows, and could even cause fire (National Geographic). Based on the facts given, earthquakes can cause terrible disasters.

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The devastation is a monster,

when it happens. The geologists could

detect them, by rating their magnitude.

They could




anywhere, so let’s hope we’re

prepared. When the ground shakes Violently,

Fearfully, and Shockingly.

Happening deeper than eighty km, below the surface,

and powerful enough to cause landslides, tsunamis, and

more. The quake quivers strongly, as people hide for shelter,

but most quakes could happen,close to where two plates meet.

A website document about earthquakes that struck Oklahoma.
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An image of the devastating earthquake that happened in Malaysia.


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A massive earthquake that happened in Japan.