Falcon Flyer

September 20, 2020

Monday, September 21 is an A Day!

OTMS Community,

Please take a moment to review this week's edition of the Falcon Flyer. It contains important information about both VirtualEd and In-person Distance learning. Watch for additional communications throughout the week updating you on the latest news impacting the school community. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend and have a wonderful week!

Dr. Trent Stern

Attendance is Required in VirtualEd and Distance Learning

Families, we know that VirtualEd and Distance learning are challenging. Nevertheless, attendance is still required by the school, district, and state of Kansas. This means students must be logging into Canvas daily and participating in coursework. In addition, students MUST also participate in live synchronous learning via Zoom. If students do not participate, they are considered absent. Please contact the school if their is a reason your child cannot attend.

In-Person (currently from a a distance) Education Information

See the files below for each grade level's zoom schedules and the A/B Schedule.

If you need more information about In-Person Learning, please see the link below. It provides further information.

In-Person link

Virtual Ed Student Information

Below is a link to the schedules for Virtual Ed.

Virtual Ed Schedules

For further information about Virtual Ed, please read through the link below. It has a lot of helpful information

VirtualEd link

Change to VirtualEd Electives Schedule

In an effort to increase both student/teacher contact and instructional time during virtual electives for middle school, the elective course schedule has been adjusted as follows:


  • Students will benefit from increased instructional time in Spanish/French, providing more opportunities for oral language proficiency. Students will now attend class with their virtual teacher Monday through Friday.
  • To add increased instructional time, some students may have a Spanish or French teacher change.
  • New class information will be available on Canvas this weekend and your student should receive an email from their teacher. Teachers will be speaking to students during class today to let them know of these changes.
  • If a student’s teacher changes for Spanish/French, he/she will see revised classroom information and Zoom links/meeting times on Canvas tomorrow, Saturday, September 19.

Band and Strings:

  • Students will now meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the previously communicated scheduled time. This provides an additional day of instruction.
  • Band and strings teachers will update class information on Canvas to reflect this change.

All other Elective Courses:

  • Elective Labs will replace all Office Hours and be offered the first 20 minutes of every Tuesday/Thursday. Students will individually choose which lab to attend based on their needs.
  • This is an additional opportunity for students to connect with elective teachers for support and/or enrichment of virtual elective content.

All VirtualED elective classes will continue to have synchronous and asynchronous lessons. The new rotation below will begin on Monday, September 21.

Questions regarding VirtualED should be directed first to the VirtualED teacher or the home school designated VirtualED contact. A list of specific building contacts for VirtualED is provided via this link: VirtualED Building Contacts.

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Chrome Book Issues?

If you are having problems with your Chrome Book, please submit a ticket to the link below.

Blue Valley Care Help Ticket

Please Pay Student Fees to Complete the Registration Process

Families, please remember to complete the registration process by paying student registrations fees. This is a critical step to ensure we have the appropriate staffing for both in-person and virtual education.

Completing registration now confirms that your child will attend school in September. Thank you for providing important information and parent permissions as part of the registration process. For more information about registration, visit www.bluevalleyk12.org/registration

Parent Access to Canvas

Canvas should now be the student's primary resource for accessing their schedule, assignments, grades, and more. If you do not currently have access to viewing your child's Canvas, you will need a pairing code.

Generating a Pairing Code for Parent/Guardian in Canvas:

There are two ways to engage with Canvas as a parent or guardian: 1) using the Canvas website from a web browser on your computer or phone and 2) using the Canvas Parent App. Each account provides a slightly different experience because of the various features. Click here to find the steps to explain the process or to share with others. Please read carefully and choose the correct option based on your current situation.

Schedule Issues or Questions?

Families, we have been working hard to clean up schedules. If your child still has issues with his or her schedule (such as a missing course), please contact the school counselor immediately.

Flex & Intervention

Families, teachers will begin to communicate directly with students regarding the start of Flex this week. Please have students check their Canvas and student email for specific details. For in-person distance learning, we will slowly begin to use Flex to connect with students and provide SEL programming. Intervention will follow in coming weeks.

For VirtualEd, students will also have an opportunity to use this time to connect with teachers. Virtual teachers will roll this out in the next week and will also communicate details directly with students.

Immunizations for Incoming 7th Grade Students

Each year the state of Kansas requires 7th grade students to have certain immunizations completed. Due to this current pandemic, we recognize your ability to schedule these has been and possibly will be affected. However, at some point these will be required for the 2020-2021 school year so we wanted you to have this information. Please see the attached pdf.

If you have questions, please contact our nurse, Brittany Petrich, at brpetrich@bluevalleyk12.org

Interested in Serving on PTO?

Are you wanting to be involved with middle school but don't know how? PTO has a number of volunteer positions available. If interested, please contact our PTO President, Shannon Mills at smills367@gmail.com. She'll help you to find your place in helping to support PTO and the OTMS community. Thank you in advance for your interest.