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A glimpse of the Good Stuff happening in our schools!

Hello MGSD Community!

Can you believe we have completed our fifth week of this school year? Our kiddos have settled in nicely and so much good stuff is happening throughout the district. A special thank you to the Instructional Coaches at each of our schools who assist with this newsletter by submitting great ideas and content...

PVES - Monica Schroeder

RRES - Jenna Cook

SES - Lauren Pollock

EMIS - Tara Gander

MIS - Sarah Dillard

MMS - Felicia Davis

MHS - April Davala and Damien Akelman

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek into our schools and classrooms and, as always, never hesitate to let us know if you have questions, comments, or concerns!

South Elementary School

South Elementary educates approximately 515 rising Super Stars in grades Kindergarten through 3 every day!

Principal: Dr. Mark Cottone

Asst Principal: Ms. Tammy Sharpe

Morning Meeting in a South Classroom!

Park View Elementary School

Park View serves approximately 595 students in grades Kindergarten through 3. They are the PVES Patriots!

Principal: Dr. Misha Rogers

Asst Principal: Ms. Hollis Baker

Curriculum Night at PVES!

Curriculum Night at Park View Elementary took a new spin this school year. Parents became students, and students became teachers! Park View teachers created a variety of centers based on standards that have been studied in class. PVES students brought their parents to Curriculum Night and "taught" them how and what they learn at school. Parents played Kahoot on laptops, made letters in sand, learned to work with base ten blocks and so much more! It was a very exciting night bringing staff, students, and teachers together... Take a look!

Rocky River Elementary School

Rocky River has approximately 630 Racers enrolled this year in grades Kindergarten through 3. They also house a pre-K program.

Principal: Dr. Chuck LaRusso, MGSD Principal of the Year!

Asst Principal: Ms. Lani Earnhardt, MGSD Assistant Principal of the Year!

East Mooresville Intermediate School

EMIS opens its doors to about 710 Eagles in grades 4 through 6 every single day!

Principal: Ms. Meghan McGrath

Asst Principal: Ms. Tonya Mays

Growth Mindset in Ms. Snyder's Class at EMIS

EMIS Mud Run

East Mooresville Intermediate students had a blast last week participating in a Mud Run where students got down and dirty having fun and raising money for the school! Thanks for all who came out and made the event spectacular. If you weren't able to participate, don't worry... there will be plenty more opportunities throughout the year to have fun after school!

Mooresville Intermediate School

The teachers and staff at MIS are busy teaching 760 Bobcats in grades 4 through 6 everyday!

Principal: Ms. Tammy Russ

Asst Principal: Mr. Ryan Villiard

MIS Book Tasting

School Library Media Coordinator Kristina Thoennes planned a "book tasting" which gave students an opportunity to browse books of various genres. Decorations transformed part of the Media Center into "Cafe Genre," a delightful restaurant with red tablecloths, candles (battery-operated), light snacks, and French cafe music. The SMARTboard became a curtained window through which students could see the Eiffel Tower.

Each table had a selection of books from one fiction genre, varying in reading levels. Students surveyed the books to see what they were about and whether or not they would be a “good fit” for themselves. They recorded their thoughts on a hand out and had the opportunity to check out books at the end.

Various classes throughout the school participated in this awesome project!

Mooresville Middle School

Housing grades 7 and 8, MMS is home to 920 Red Imps! And always remember... It's ALWAYS a great day to be a Red Imp!

Principal: Ms. Ayana Robinson

Asst Principals: Ms. Tracy Pratt-Dixon, Mr. Jay Jones, and Ms. Jennifer Marshall

Yogurt Making at MMS? It's all about the great "culture." :-)

Azario Cloete, 8th grader and member of the IMPtech Team, made this video recap of Yogurt Making in Biotechnology class. Want to know more about what is going on at MMS? Visit our website and watch the daily IMPtv News!

Mooresville High School

As a single high school district, MHS is educating approximately 1900 Blue Devils this year!

Principal: Mr. Eric Schwarzenegger

Asst Principals: Ms. Meredith Bost, Mr. Michael Few, Ms. Tracey Waid, Ms. Yamaro Scott

Asst. Principal/Athletic Director: Mr. Kevin Wilson

MHS Welcomes German Exchange Students from our sister city -- Hockenheim, Germany

Mooresville High School hosted 24 students and two teachers from our sister city of Hockenheim, Germany. The students attended MHS from September 14 through the 29 and stayed with host families in the MGSD district. While at MHS, they were treated just like our own students. They each received a laptop for their use throughout the duration of their stay and were trained by the MHS Help Desk students and Mr. Akelman on our digital resources!

Running with the Blue Devils

Saturday, Nov. 4th, 8am

659 East Center Avenue

Mooresville, NC

MHS and EMIS are sponsoring "Running with the Blue Devils" 5K/10K on Saturday November 4. Proceeds will go to participating MHS athletic teams and EMIS grade level projects. We would love to have you join us for the run! To register go to…/Mooresville/RunningWithTheBlueDevils and select your preferred event. We can't wait to see you there!
2017 - 2018 Parental/Public Notifications

Every school year, public school districts are mandated to notify the public regarding certain policies and laws. If you would like to read through these notifications that are posted on our website, just click the button above!

One Mooresville, One Family

Our MHS athletic teams are working with the principals of our Kinder through 6th grade schools this year to find ways to connect with their younger MGSD family members throughout the year. On Friday morning, September 29, football and cheer team members went to RRES and MIS where they opened doors and greeted students in the car line and as they disembarked from the bus. We're not sure who enjoyed themselves more... our big kids or little kids! #oneMooresville#RRESRacers #MHSBlueDevils #IWasOnceLittleLikeYou#SomedayImGoingToBeBigLikeYou

School Health Advisory Council

Do you have knowledge about how to stay physically healthy? Maybe you have a background in mental/emotional health. Or perhaps you are just passionate about incorporating healthy habits in your life... If you fit any of these categories and would like to be involved on our MGSD SHAC, please fill out the form below!


Here is the confidential form we have developed to report bullying incidents. Of course you can also report it to a school administrator, by emailing, or by calling the individual school hotlines. This information and the phone numbers can be found on the flyer by clicking this link.