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Week of February 15th

What Do You Think Curls Are?

You might be quite interested on how people have curly hair and what makes it so special.

Curly hair for some people is a pain but I think of it as unique and beautiful. A follicle that is in straight hair but it isn't used in the same way. When the follicle is symmetrical the hair will grow round or straight. When the follicle is asymmetrical the hair is usually curly or wavy. If you are born with symmetrical follicles your hair can sometimes change from curly to straight or straight to curly. See I told you that curly hair has a lot more to it then just good looks. Now on to the types of hair and what it looks like. There are a couple different types of curly hair. There is wavy, which is like loose curls but still considered curly. Then there are tight curls which look super cute and they are like little springs. That's what most people say they look like. Curls are very special and they have special ways of talking care of them. Just go to page 3 and 5 for more details on this topic.

This is an image of curly hair

The curls are just like little springs! Curls like that look a little different for everyone that has them.

Still In Style Or Time For A New Look?

Is your curly hair going out of style? What solutions are there to this problem? Some people decide to grow it out, but there is one issue with that and it only applies to some people. It is when your hair will get too long and the curls have too much weight and they can't hold up the curls well. So your beautiful curls might be a little less curly. No need to worry because there are way more options to come. Just keep reading. Then for other people they will cut it not too short but a little above the shoulder and the curls will usually be extra curly until it starts to grow out a little bit. In the images below there are women with short curls and long curls. Like I talked about on the previous page, when you grow your hair out your curls will be a bit more like waves, but not for everyone. Some peoples hair can take the weight and hold up well. If your hair is a little wavy then you should probably keep it longer because if your cut your hair short it will totally take away the curls and your hair might start looking straight. Not that there is anything wrong with straight hair.

steps to keeping curls how they should be

read below to know the 5 easy steps to keeping your curls curly

1. wash your hair how you normally do

2. after it is washed then you'll need to dry it completely

3. add a hair product or a curl building cream specifically curly hair products

4. style your hair once you put in your product

5. last but not least... enjoy your curls ALL day!

Once you have tried these steps there is no need to worry about your curls falling out! You can enjoy your day with a simple and cute hair style and you don't have to worry about the hassle of frizz. You can finally be completely focused on your day and all you need to do is 5 easy steps! For most people its like a dream come true and all the others haven't tried it yet. Well, now is your chance! Go get to it!

This Star Won't Go Out

This is an amazing story about a teenage girl, Esther Earl, with an amazing story. Written by herself and the introduction written by John Green. She has a very different child hood than you might think. A teenage girl dealing with thyroid cancer and multiple tumors. She is in the hospital over and over again. The most amazing thing in this story is when she writes to people online and how they respond and what they try to do to help her. The most enjoyable part is how Esther is so joyful and the positive is always with her. Only a couple times has she complained because she knows that God is always with her no matter what. I love how the author (Esther) expresses how wonderful everything is and how much she is thankful when she has cancer and many of us would never want to even think about cancer but she has to live with it. This is an inspiring and eye opening story to Esther's life and the amazing, yet challenging obstacles in it. You have to read to the very end!!

Frizz Go Away!!!

The biggest problem that women with curly hair is the frizzy part about it. Curly hair is amazing and beautiful, but when its frizzy those factors kind of get faded away by the frizz. Well now there are some wonderful solutions to this frizz issue. Do you believe that your kitchen is the number one place to look! Believe it because here are 3 products in your kitchen that take those frizzies away!! The first one is believe it or not... EGGS!! Yes, you just apply it in your hair and wash it out and those frizzies will say good bye to your hair for a while. Another kitchen solution is avocado! Now hopefully this is in your pantry or a quick run to the store is necessary. But trust me it works! The last kitchen answer to no frizz is banana. Now you might think tat this crazy but out can't judge until you've tried it!

What Causes Frizz

you might be wondering, why do I have frizzy hair? normally some problems are easy to fix. Sometimes it Is caused by too much shampoo. So when you take a shower next time just don't wash your hair or use a little less shampoo to lighten up your hair and stop the frizz a bit more. Another thing that happens is blow drying your hair. It dries your hair out and causes the frizz, so just take an extra 5-10 minutes in your day to let your hair air dry a little before getting styled. There are certain companies that offer deep conditioning to your hair and that will also take away frizz. There are actually certain hairstyles that help with people who have curly hair. A couple examples are, a pony tail, a bun or a braid! Those are cute hairstyles that help the frizz not how up but if you are wondering it doesn't take it away it just helps it not to show up for the day if you are running out of time or have a tight schedule that day.

Curly vs. Straight

Curly- it all depends on the follicle that is either symmetrical or or not. The keratin is the primary component of your hair. If you have symmetrical follicles than your hair may go from curly to straight Cancer drugs can sometimes cause a patient to have curly hair follicle. curly hair is a automatism trait (gene) Some examples are eye color, freckles and hair color. Rounder hair follicles lead to straight hair that is hard to curl. Hair always grows back in its natural form no matter what you do.

straight- Straight hair has many different types that determines the texture and feel and look of your hair. Some people have very thin hair and that definitely changes the look of it.

there is also a type called wispy, and that is thin and sometimes hard to manage. the good part about most people with straight hair is that they don't have to straighten it but most people tend to do it just so it is very d=straight and not kind of straight. there are many options when styling straight hair because it is usually very low maintenance and not as frizzy as curly hair can be.

now that you have some basic facts about both sides, what is you pick ? Curly.... or Straight. comment below on your opinion and if this article was helpful and has good information on both sides

Pop Quiz

1. what is a follicle?

2. if your hair is symmetrical is it going to be curly or straight?

3. who wrote the introduction in the book, "this star wont go out"?

4. what is step 2. to beautiful curls on page 3?

5. what kind of Cancer does Esther Earl have?


follicle-a small secretory cavity, sac, or gland, in particular.

symmetrical-made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis; showing symmetry.

asymmetrical-having parts that fail to correspond to one another in shape, size, or arrangement; lacking symmetry.

thyroid cancer- Cancer of the gland in front of the neck that normally produces thyroid hormone which is important to the normal regulation of the metabolism of the body

tumor-a swelling of a part of the body, generally without inflammation, caused by an abnormal growth of tissue, whether benign or malignant.