People should be proud of their life life no matter what.


The nurse and lady Capulet are talking about Juliet marrying, and the nurse is recalling about the past with her and Juliet,"When it did taste the wormwood on the nipple of my dug and felt it bitter, pretty fool"(pg.1006 lines 35-36).The nurse is proud of raising Juliet from a baby and is happy to see her get married so soon.

ACT ll SCENE llll

The nurse is in public and is having a servant called Peter follow her around,"My fan Peter"(pg.1035 lines 111-111).Since the nurse is a nurse for the Capulets (a wealthy family) she is making sure that everyone knows this and is having a servant fan her. Witch other nurses of less wealthy familys would not be able to have a servant for them.

ACT lll SCENE ll

Juliet is crying over Romeo being banished and the nurse is trying to comfort Juliet by offering to go get Romeo. The nurse says,"Hie to your chamber. I"ll find Romeo to comfort you"(pg.1055 lines 150-151).Since the nurses job is to look after Juliet and care for her she is going to get Romeo for her even though he is a Montageu. She is putting aside the rivalry for Juliet.


The servants of the Capulets are walking and spot some servants of the other house,"Draw thy tool! Here comes two of the house of Montagues"(pg.994 lines 33-34).The servants are ready to defend the Capulets name if the Montagues do anything that disrespect their houses name.

Logan Rothrock


Advanced English 1

11 December 2014