Lauron's Science 6 Page

This is my Smore to show my learning in science.

An Introduction to Lauron Brumley

Hi, my name is Lauron Brumley. I am 10 years old. My birthday is November 3rd. My favorite colors are black and blue. My favorite foods is pizza and oranges. My favorite animal is a panda bear. I LOVE to play soccer

Introduction to Science 6

The lad that I liked the best was the mini microscope because we got to look at small objects with the microscope. Also, I know now how to use a microscope. And we got to do the mini microscope packet. I also liked the triple beam balance because I know how to weight stuff. But my favorite part of all were the journal questions.

Introduction to Science 6

I learned how to read a globe. Also, what position marks are. I also learned how to look through a microscope and what the parts are.