RHS Library Report

Compiled by M. Wetzel April 2016


Classes and Collaboration


Reading Olympics!

9th Grade

10th Grade

Controlled Research Paper- Caesar with Metzler: http://rtsd.libguides.com/caesar

Controlled Research Paper- Malala with Hostetler: http://rtsd.libguides.com/WorldLiterature

11th Grade

Wall of Honor Research Project, planning and implementation (King and Wood, Periods 1, 7, 8)

American Literature Research with Pearsall (Periods 2 and 3): http://rtsd.libguides.com/AmericanArtist

12th Grade:

Verguldi-Scott Brit and Modern Lit Research (Periods 6 and 7)

Monahan's Marketing classes for One Book collaboration

RADTV SEGMENT 2016: Radnor's 21st Century Library

Professional Development

RTSD Tech Day Presenter

Your Library Is Awesome. Find Out Why!

Hosted TWO well-attended sessions with an overview of apps: OverDrive, Destiny Quest, and Access My Library.

Radnor Memorial Library Steering Committee

Launched campaign for Library renovations.

Professional Learning Communties


One Book One School: We are planning a community-wide reading event. I have written our REF Grant and we presented to the committee. We have received the approval for the funds.

Appy (1/2) Hour: We went over Explain Everything. Uploaded a PowerPoint and discussed implementation.

PSLA Emerging Leaders Academcy

Our monthly virtual conference call- wrap-up session for the year. We are planning our presentation (A mock PTSA Presentation about the importance of libraries) at the PSLA Conference in May.


RHS Book Club: The Scar Boys

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Club Meetings

Honor Council
Students Helping Students
Radnor Library Board

Online Resources and Tutorials

BryteWave App for EBooks

BryteWave App Overview

New (Updated) LibGuides

Student Numbers

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LibGuides Statistics

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Current Library Statistics

Total circulations, including texbooks:

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OverDrive eBooks Usage

eBooks & Audiobooks: 63

Database Usage- Gale

Coming soon.

Database Usage- ProQuest

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RTSD Newsletter Submission- April 2016

Read Across America was a big success, as evidenced by our high school guest readers saying, “Mrs. Wetzel, we should do this at least four times a year!” We had a wonderful time traveling to WES, RES, IES, and RMS to read to other students throughout the district. Pictures of the day can be found in this short video clip: https://youtu.be/qwXztr5kDVs.

Spring research projects are in full swing. If you need access to our resources and passwords for home access, please take a look in the Resources section of the Radnor High School Library Schoology Group.

Noodletools is a great way for students to organize their research projects. Each student has a personal account, and can organize sources, embed links, create notecards, outline, and share a Google doc with their teacher. I work with many classes on how to use Noodletools, but feel free to reach out with any questions. I have also created some tutorials that can be found on the Radnor High School Library YouTube Channel.

Follow us on Twitter @RadnorHSLibrary. Any questions? Please contact Michelle.Wetzel@rtsd.org.

Mission and Philosophy


The library media center is central to the learning process occurring in schools. Its program is designed to produce students who are information literate. Information literate students are effective users of information in a variety of formats. The school library media center is the vehicle that provides opportunities for students to attain information literacy and to foster a lifelong interest in acquiring knowledge while following their passions. A student-centered program is dependent upon a school librarian assuming a pivotal role in working collaboratively with teachers, administrators, and others direct to the program.


The school library media program in the Radnor Township School District will prepare students for their roles in the technology-driven global community of the 21st century by teaching students to find and use information efficiently and effectively. The library program will help students develop lifelong reading and learning skills and the motivation to take responsibility for their own learning.