Come To Texas

Andy James


You should come to the amazingly cheap land of Texas. We have low taxes and fertile soil.
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In Texas you will find:

  • Fertile soil
  • Great mining land
  • Large open prairies for cattle
  • Mild Climate (great for farming)
  • Near lots of river/water sources

And How Much Does This All Cost?

To get some land, all you gotta do is get some money. In lousy America, land cost $1.25, but here in the great land of Texas, it will only cost 12.5 cents for an acre. If you are a farmer, you will get 177 acres on the beautifully fertile soil of Texas! Though if you're a cattle raiser you can get 4,428 acres. So come along with cool kids in Texas!


  • Become a Mexican Citizen
  • Become a follower of the Catholic Belief
  • Follow all laws