Chromebook Agreement Updates

APS 1:1 Device Updates in Student Handbooks

Updates to Student Handbooks Regarding Our 1:1 Chromebook Program

Attleboro Public Schools has made some changes to the Student Handbooks regarding Chromebook repairs, loaners and replacements. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these new policies. If you have any questions, please contact: Kim Janssen (
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Policy Changes/Additions


Student Chromebooks are the property of APS and remain so throughout the duration of their use. The district will cover one accidental damage repair per year without charging the family for the damage. Manufacturer defects are covered under warranty at no charge. After that, families are responsible for any damages sustained to Chromebooks while assigned to students and will be charged for the cost of any necessary repairs. A loaner Chromebook will be issued while the student’s Chromebook is being repaired. Please understand that failure to pay for damages will result in the bill becoming a financial obligation for the family that will follow the student throughout their career at APS. Having these obligations could prohibit the student from participating in many school events.

Accidental Damage vs. Negligence
It is recognized that accidents do happen. There is a difference between accidents and negligence. After investigation by school administration, if the Chromebook is deemed to be intentionally damaged by the student, the student will be subject to discipline and assessed the cost of repair or replacement.

Lost/Stolen Chromebook

Students or families must report lost or stolen Chromebooks to the school immediately. The circumstances of each situation will be investigated, and students/families may be billed for damaged or lost equipment. For stolen Chromebooks, a report should be filed with the police department. If there is no clear evidence of theft, the student and family will be responsible for the full cost of replacing the Chromebook.

Loaner Chromebooks

We will have loaner Chromebooks available in the event that a device is out for repair or is lost/stolen. Students chronically unprepared (forgetting to bring and/or charge their school-issued Chromebook) will be limited in their access to loaner Chromebooks.

Charging Cables
Students are responsible for their own charging cables/power adapters. Students are encouraged to label their charging cable. Extra cables can be purchased through outside sources such as Amazon for approximately $20. Please see our technology web page on the district page for more information (Office of Information Technology - Attleboro Public Schools (

Leaving the District

Chromebooks must be returned to APS when students unenroll from the district.