Teens and Self-Esteem

Zacharia M.

All About Me

Me being a teen i know its hard sometimes but you can get through it. After learning how to cope with a low self of steam I now have a high self of steam and i can say things I've never been able to say before.

How a High Self-Esteem has Helped Me

I have the potential of being rejected by others as a result of who I am or what I’m doing is not something that I allow myself to worry about. If people don't accept me the way I’m, I’m not going to go out of your way to attain their approval. Granted, rejection by someone in my life may very well hurt me, but I won't let it dictate how I feel about myself. I know that the only approval I should be worried about is mine, and when I respect and approve of myself, I’m more likely to project an image to others that says "I am worthy, and I have much to offer to someone.

I drive and dedication in my endeavors supports the successful accomplishment of my goals. Living with a passionate and an upbeat, fun-loving approach are important to you. I’m protective and considerate of others. Having meaningful close relationships with others is important in my life. I’m dependable and I want others to know that they can count on me. I enjoy working with others and like to cooperate and share experiences. I also seek holistic balance by striving to maintain harmony in all aspects of my life.

Results Will Come

I know its hard now but if you work at is it will get easier. Eventually you will not even think about your self-esteem, you wont care what everybody thinks about you, and then you can be you