Rach's BACH weekend!

Austin, TX

The weekend is near us!

Get excited for Rachel's last fling before the ring!

I am so excited for our weekend together & I know Rach is too!

Please don't share this with Rach or tell her anything...I have given her the gist of the weekend but we thought it would be fun to let some of the events be a surprise! : )

Rachel's Bach Weekend!

Thursday, Feb. 20th, 9pm

117 La Vista St

Austin, TX

There is a key code that I will give everyone once we all get down to the house in Austin!

Here is my cell # if you have any questions: 832-465-8364

Timeline of Events!


6 of us will arrive on Thursday night. We will begin prepping the house and getting everything settled. Followed by some drinks, snacks, and games!


We will have breakfast at the house and get ready for a day out in Austin. We will go shopping on South Congress and then have lunch at the famous food truck yard. Once we have finished up shopping we have a nail appointment at Embellish at 3:00.

Once all of the other ladies arrive we will get ready for Rach's shower. The shower will be the panty shower along with a passion party, bach games, drinking, taco bar, and fun! Rach wanted this to be a comfy night so please wear something cozy like PJs. We will plan to throw it down house style this night!


We will wake up and have breakfast at the house. We will then get our workout clothes on and go on a little hiking adventure up Mt. Bonnell. From there we will rent bikes and take a bike ride all together around Barton Springs. What a great way to spend some bonding time while enjoying the beautiful weather.

In the afternoon we will relax at the house have lunch and do what we wish! As the night approaches we will all get ready for a dinner together (place is TBD) and then out to the bars for a fun night of celebrating the future Mrs. Fontenot. :)


We will wake up, reminisce, and head out!



-make sure to get your bead for the Brighton bracelet!

-write a short letter/note explaining to Rach why you chose that specific bead!

-wrap your panties in SEPARATE bags...we all had to get two each, so wrap them separately. Allie shay will give you your portion of the poem to attach onto your bag before the shower

Packing List!

Here is a basic packing list:

-workout clothes for hike and bike ride

-cute outfit for dinner Saturday and bars

-PJ/comfy clothes for shower on Friday night

-day outfit for Friday & Saturday

-any games that you might want to play


Then you know all of the other necessities!