Computer Hardware

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CPU (central processing unit)

The CPU is ‘the brain’ of the computer basically; this is what makes all the calculations in the computer just like our brain makes calculations for us. Intel and AMD are the biggest CPU companies but there are

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Hard Drive/SSD (Solid State Drive)

A drive is something intended to store data when it’s not being used; it stores the PC’s system and software. A hard drive or SSD cannot read data like a DVD, Blu-ray or CD player this is the optical drive's job. The drives connect electronically to the motherboard. The SSD is a lot smaller and more practical than the hard drive; however it is also more expensive.

Random-access memory (RAM)

This is where all the information is stored while not in use. It is where all the things you need later on go, like a cook's ingridients. A RAM doesn't normally have more than 8GB AM doesn't normally have or less than 2GB.
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The Mother Board

Just in the name you can kind of guess that this is an important part of the whole computer and the word 'Mother' tells us that this is the 'mother' of the computer and what looks after it.