Early Sunday Morning

The Pearl Harbor Diary of Amber Billows

About this book

Amber Billows was just a normal teenage girl, she had a good family, good house and her best friend, Alice. But with her dad's job being a reporter he was required to be where ever the action was, so they moved a lot. They were living in Washington expecting to be there a while because of the war. But his business is asking him to move again. It was Monday, October 20, 1941 Washington D.C. and Amber's family was eating supper when her dad announced the news to the family very settle like always. Amber hates it when they move because she has to leave her friends and she gets behind in school work and every time she finally settles in, they move again. But no matter how mad Amber got she couldn't help the fact that they were moving. When they got to Hawaii her and her brother Andy made friends fast. All Andy cared about was if they had Baseball cards. Amber became good friends with a girl named Kame. There was a dance on Sunday December 7th that Amber and Kame were exited about.Her and Kame were gonna get ready together and go to the dance. Unfortunately that morning Pearl Harbor where they were living got bombed. There town was devastated ambers dad was gone golfing that morning and her mom left to go help at the hospital. They needed all the help they could get. That week their government was taken over by the military. Things changed a lot, Amber started to help her mom at the hospital and Andy helped their dad with things the military ordered everyone in the town to do. Everything was so different and Amber was scared. To find out how things turned out, and so you can understand more and feel the pain Amber did read this book.


The theme of my story is courage

I think the theme is courage because in the book it shows how it helped Amber be strong just like it helps everyone in the world be strong to get through tough things. There is nothing you can do after something like this the only thing you can do is be strong and help fix the problem instead of worrying about it. So most of all the important thing is to have courage. How the theme courage is shown in my book is Amber the main character and her mother volunteered at the hospital. Sure they were devastated and scared but like I said they didn't sit there worrying about the problem they helped because courage helped them be strong.

About Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor was the World War II event that took place in my book. Pearl Harbor happened Sunday morning December 7th, 1941. Japan planed a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor (the u.s. Naval base) to destroy all are ships. This attack surprised everyone. Some people were getting ready for church. Over all 2,403 people died that day. It affected not only the town but the whole world. It was a tragedy. Most of our ships were completely destroyed but some were repaired. The battle ship "Arizona" was damaged the most. It was hit by five bombs and one went down inside of it causing tons of ammo and other stuff to go off killing almost everyone on there. So lots of terrible things happened that morning, terrible things that we will never forget. Like president Franklin Delano Roosevelt said " A date which will live in infamy." Which was a great quote that will live within our country forever

How Pearl Harbor took place in my book.

I think the author did a great job with the information he used in his book. Like In the book my main character Amber was sleeping when it happened, and I read in a website that lots of people were still in bed during the attack. Also I read that they didn't know whare lots of people were that morning and their families couldn't get ahold of them because of the attack. And in my book Amber's dad was gone golfing and she was so worried because she couldn't get ahold of him to see if he was alright. Lastly during Pearl Harbor lots of governments were taken over by the military. And there were gas shortages and food shortages. And in the book that was happening to and they were vacating people off the island because of that and Amber's family got to leave because her mother was pregnant. So a lot of the events that took place in my book about Pearl Harbor happened in real life so I think the author did a great job with backing up his story.



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