Wanted :"The Martian"

Hebelen Repreza p.3

Norina S. Terry CP English 2A

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

Book Analysis presentation


In “The Martian,” an older couple takes in what appears to be an abandoned child, one who looks remarkably like their dead son. Surprisingly he is actually a Martian, able to simulate their son’s face. The Martian has no ulterior motive; he is simply trying to find a home.


Running back to the old man other people see him, recognize in him the dead loved ones they still mourn, and-without meaning to-kill him through the terrible power of their need.

Character Traits

Being lonely,scared, unsatisfied, and sad are descriptions the book makes me feel. He just wanted to fit in with the only crowd that he had left, since his race was terminated.


The theme of this particular short story is that humanity's inability to escape the past or overcome problems can hurt them as well as others.