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Welcome Back!

I hope you all enjoyed a restful long weekend, and have recovered from your turkey coma! Its a big week academically, which is why there are not as many floor events planned for the week. Keep reading to find out whats what on the floor this week.

Tuesday Movie Night

Tomorrow at 8:30 the Big 3 residence committee is hosting a movie night in Atrium 101. Attached is the trailer for Big Hero 6, we will meet by the elevators and head down as a floor at 8:15pm
Big Hero 6 - Official trailer

Tuesday Deadline for Downtown Dash Registration

Join the floor team!! I wish I had more insider info on what this event includes but I can guarantee you its one of the best residence wide events yet! Registration is $2, you have to give me (RA) money BEFORE lunch time tomorrow! The event starts at 12pm on Friday in the Scotiabank theatre. Send me a message, drop by my room (10-1-1a) or online at to register.

The event is a spinoff of the famous TV show The Amazing Race. Never heard of this incredible show? Watch the link below, and be inspired!

Facebook Event Page:

The Amazing Race Canada Season 2 Episode 1

Thursday-Book Covers

I know how much those expensive book ends are! To get the most money for them at the end of the semester you have to take care of them first. Come on out on thursday where we will be creating paper book covers, that are not only functional with pockets but could save you anywheres from $40-$60 when you go to sell your books.

Check out the video tutorial here:

DON'T BE SCARED! Keep in mind I will be walking you through all the steps!

How to Make Textbook Covers || KIN PARENTS

Friday Night Trivia

How well do you know the Canadian provinces, harry potter, hedgehogs, and Halifax? Come test your knowledge on Friday night, in the floor lounge!

Little rusty on hedgehog trivia? Don't worry I got you covered, check out the link below for 16 interesting facts about hedgehogs.

Saturday Get to Know Your Neighbours Night

Everyone will be given a coloured or plain sheet of 81/2 x 11 paper to fill with clippings from magazines that represent you and/or goals for the future. I have a huge box full of magazines, and everything else you may need to make yours over the top! Check out the photos below to get some ideas.

Sunday Snack Time

Make sure to stop by the lounge in the afternoon on Sunday! Watch the floor Facebook page for updates of when I'm on my way with fresh sweets HOT out of the oven! Now that the life lab is open I'm looking into booking it for every Sunday from 12-1pm if you would like to come help me make some yummy snacks!

These were the cookies we had last week, if you missed out!

Big image
Pumpkin The Raccoon


1st Place Team Green Hedgehog -8

2nd Place Tied Team Orange Hedgehog-5

2nd Place Tied Team Red Hedgehog-5

3rd Place Tied Team Blue Hedgehog - 2

Team GREEN is in the lead, good job team green!! Team blue where are you??


As your RA for the floor I'm not only here to put on super cool floor events, I'm here for support 24/7. Having a bad day and just need someone to talk to even if its 4am, or have good news you want to share either way I'm THERE FOR YOU!

P.S. Everything we talk about is completely confidential unless you are at harm to yourself or others then I am required to get help. Got questions check out my RA code of confidentiality on my door or you can find one any RA door in residence.

Room #: Suite 1 Room 1

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