....so um yeah....


I love drawing, watching movies, eating Chinese food, eating food in general, and being with my niece.

My winter break...

My break was full of food, family, more food, Christmas, and friends. I hung out with my best friends on the night of the ice storm, we almost crashed multiple times but it was worth it; we had Chinese food and went to Christmas in the Park :) Christmas is my favorite holiday btw

past, present, future

I got lost in an airport when I was 7

I "fell", my sister pushed me, off a horse when I was 11

I tripped over my dog this morning

I plan on becoming an engineer after college

and I will most likely trip on my wedding day

I'm a lover of.. <3

lover of cheerleading. lover of giraffes. lover of traveling. lover of dogs. & lover of doodling.