New Technology from NASA

By: Joyce Choe

Ultra- Thin Coatings Beautifying Art

The ultra-thin coatings were created by NASA. It is a method of vaporizing and apply thin metal in ultra small layers. This kind of technology is growing quickly because it is known as a manufacturing technique and it is used in almost everything. For example, many consumers use this ultra thin coating for special lighting features as well as contemporary art. This ultra thin coating is beneficial because it can create beautiful pieces of art and is also used in many products for NASA. NASA uses this product in small amounts because it is specifically made for NASA as well as the military. This one product can improve the quality of our life because since it's so thin, it can be used in anything which is always a positive thing.

Spacesuit Materials Add Comfort to Undergarments

These spacesuits were first created because NASA looked for ways to maintain an average temperature when they had their astronaut gear on. These suits contain something can"Thermocules". With the "Thermocules" placed in the suits, since they are similar to little ice cubes they will absorb the heat then cool it down to maintain the certain temperature. This product will improve the way of our life because since it can change temperatures, it can keep us warm and comfortable since it has those certain capabilities. Not only does this material add comfort and warm but it is nice to the touch and reduces the amount of chills.

Gigapixel Images Connect Sports Teams with Fans

This gigapixel invention creates clearer pictures especially when it comes to watching sport teams with their fans. This is possible because they increased the megapixel size from 1 megapixel up to 96 which is a large difference. If one looks at the pictures taken with the 96 megapixel, an individual can clearly see the fans reactions as well as the spot teams playing. This product can easily improve the quality of life because we can use this new technology and take advantage of it. With this product available in our society, we could improve the quality of pictures to figure out more information over certain topics.

Satellite Maps Deliver More Realistic Gaming

These satellite maps that are available create a more realistic view when it comes to video games. Computer designers have gained a better understanding when it came to creating better quality scenes and generating more realistic settings. For example, designers created a mountainous scene using the ASTER data to render software tools to create beautiful real life places. This is beneficial because in certain video games they can create well known landmarks that are made in our world. This type of product can improve our society because they can gain a better understanding on certain settings and also can use these aspects to create better and more realistic scenes in games.

Elemental Scanning Devices Authenticate Works of Art

This new product is an elemental scanning device that can authenticate different works of art. This whole process works because there are ordinary specialized fluorescent tubes that can produce light by agitating a gas with electrons. Then, the tube also known as the XRF scanner, keeps a solid piece of rhodium which eventually accelerates the electrons that are prevalent. This product is beneficial and can improve our society because it could bring back old photos and authenticate those pieces of art with no problem.

Spacesuit Materials Add Comfort to Undergarments

The spacesuit materials that were rendered to create a comfortable piece of undergarments would be the most beneficial to our society. This is very important because with future and more technology available, it could maintain certain temperatures to undergarments as well as actual clothing such as shirts, pants, jackets, etc. With this available in our hands, every single individual could have that sense of warmth because these garments could possibly keep everyone warm and safe due to the fibers.