Basketball Is Awesome!!!!

An EPIC basketball flyer!

Some Quick Shooting Tips

Here is a 10-step way to shoot a basketball.

1.Put your feet shoulder width apart.

2.Your shooting side foot should be about 1 inch in front of your non-shooting side foot.

3.Bend your knees and get in a good athletic stance.

4.Bring your shooting arm up at a 90 degree angle.

5.Bring your other hand up with your fingers pointing to the ceiling or sky.

6.Make a T with your 2 thumbs and separate them about 1 or 2 inches.

7.Cock your wrist.

8. Bring your arm upwards.

9.Flick your wrist towards the hoop.

10.Make it so your fingers could go into the hoop and it should go in the basket or be close.


When you go to shoot a layup you will be running towards the basket.

When you get to the basket you will jump and bank it in.

Right Side:

Jump off your left foot and deliver the ball into the basket with your right hand.

Left Side:

Jump off your right foot and deliver the ball into the basket with your left hand.

We Are In The NBA!