Planet Ella

just discovered and claimed by Ella

water on planet Ella

the water here is plentiful with many fresh water lakes and rivers for drinking water. We also have a large ocean the takes up 10% of our planet and is 5 ft deep. the video below shows tides coming in and out this might be a normal day on Ella.
The Hopewell Rocks - OFFICIAL Time Lapse video of 45.6 foot tide

Farming and producers

Farming here is great due to wide open spaces and rich soil. Some producers are






-blue berry's









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some protein producers

food is plentiful there for you will never go hungry


Our planet has a red dwarf star and has an orbit of 0.3 AU and a mass of 0.3. We have 3 moons. Named Ella Joy Molyneux. our tides are very low or very high. During eclipses the moons and sun line up and form a SUPPER moon