By: Abbey Reese


Bolivia is very rich in resources because of the Andes but why are the Andes that run through Bolivia so rich in resources but so bad for crops? The higher elevations make the climate very cold. This weather is not ideal for crops. The highest of the Andes are perfect for forming rich minerals like gold, tin, silver, and zinc. The eastern lowlands also have perfect weather for the formation of these minerals. Bolivia is perfect and has amazing resources.
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How did Bolivia get its name? When did Bolivia gain its independence? Bolivia has an amazing history. Bolivia was named after Simon Bolivar a famous Latin American freedom fighter. Bolivia gained its independence in 1825. It is amazing how Bolivia came to be.
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Bolivia has an amazing culture but why is it so cool? Bolivia celebrates such unique holidays. Alacitas also known as the festival of abundance is on January 24th. It is celebrated to honer the ancient god of abundance and good luck, Ekeko. On this day they tie small versions of things to Ekeko dolls and hope they will get the real thing. Bolivians also celebrate Carnival or La Entrada del. This a week long festival in which they preform the devils dance or La Diablada. Two people dance one dressed as a devil and one as St. Micheal they fight until the devil is defeated. The culture in Bolivia is amazing.
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Bolivia's geography is awesome yet confusing. Why does Bolivia have two capitals? La Paz and Sucre are Bolivia's two capitals. Sucre was the historic capital, but after the civil war the government moved to La Paz. Today, La Paz is the seat of the national government, while the judicial systems is centered in Sucre.
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