Suicide Pervention

By: Sierra Hanley

Warning Signs

Verbal Signs:

1. "I wish I were dead"

2. "Nobody needes me"

3. "I going to kill myself"

4. "If (such and such) happens I'll kill myself"

5. "My family is better off without me"

Non- Verbal Signs

1. Death of parent, freind, sibling (Situational)

2. Feeling of worthlessness (Deprssive)

3. Drug and alcohol abuse (Behaviroal)

4. Giving away of prize possesions (Behaviroal)

5. Sudden ubeat or happyness (this might be the day they finally decide to finally do it) (Behaviroal)

Places or People you can go to for help

1. Parent

2. School Conselor

3. 211 or 911

4. Teachers

5. Suicide Professional Therapy

Suicide is Preventable

1. Show them you care

2. Talk directly to them about the problem and show empathy

3. Get them help ASAP

4. Don't keep what they tell you a secret tell someone

5. Don't let them do this alone help them through the journey