Vietnam War

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Vietnam war was a cold war military conflict that occurred in Vietnam, Laos,and Cambodia from November 1, to April 30, 1975. This war followed the first Indochina war and was fought between north Vietnam, supported by its communist allies, and the government of south Vietnam, supported by the united state and other capitalist nations.
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Perspectives #1

Life Magazine reported that by early 1963 the number of military personal had grown from several hundred to more then 10,000. The result of the United States direct involvement in a conflict halfway around the world had he nation talking whether it was a good or bad idea for us to be over there.
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Perspective #2

US News and World Report stated thattTwenty-Five years later people are still upset about the Vietnam war.58,719 Americans died in Vietnam because political leaders misused the nations military. Mistakes were made by the military and people believed it was not our fight to be in.

Media Bias

The media showed bias by photos ,captions, and Angles. The photos that they sent over were showing negativity. Also more captions inside the photos were calling for peace. The American people were horrified by what they saw and wanted use to withdraw from Vietnam.

Criticism #1

The Vietnam War can be seen through Historical Criticism.We are still using the Vietnam War to other wars, so we dont make the same mistakes as we did then. People still talk about the Vietnam War and how it was a mistake.

Criticism #2

The Soviet Union communist nation was trying to spared communism's and draw in Vietnam, but the United States didn't want them to. They went to war because the United States is republican and wanted Vietnam to be republican to.
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