supreme god

where was zeus found

Zeus would be found at Olympia. That is where he spent most of his time doing whatever.

Zeus's family and marriage

Zeus had two brothers, The God they are is Hades. He had sisters, they were a Hesta, Demeter, and Hera Goddesses. Zeus married his sister who became a queen of goddesses.

What does Zeus look like

He has long hair



Holds lightning

God of the sky

Wears Linen

Is there any festival to celebrate this god

The Olympics, that event was held in honor of Zeus. King of Greek gods. The prize would usually be small cakes, animals or produce, when it is over the alter of Zeus stood on a spot struck with lightning bolts.

Is Zeus a patron God

Yes he is, he is a patron God In Athens.

Life as an adult

He became a supreme god, he became a god in the sky. He began his adulthood sometime ago in spring. Everything was peaceful and the people were nice. It stayed that way for a while.

His symbol

His symbol looks like four to five horses and him in a carriage.

Development of Zeus

Cronus had alot of children, but ate most of his children. When Zeus was born some people named Gaia and Rhea devised a plan to let Zeus live so Cronus will contribute to his acts against Uranus and his Children.

Who did Zeus associated with

He associated with his family which were his father Cronus, Rhea his mom, And his wife/sister Hera.

Zeus's powers

Zeus has powers that includes being able make different acts of nature by making a shaking motion. He was able to do this because he rules the sky and clouds. Zeus is a supreme ruler of all the other gods. He also uses lightning.

The extras

He was a god of the sky and the heavens and referred to the kings of gods and men, his mom and dad was named Cronus and Rhea, he was one of 12 Olympian gods who resided on the summit of Mount Olympus, he was born in a cave on mount Ida on the island of crete, Zeus vanquished his father and released his siblings out of stomach, they were still living.

His myth

His roman name was Jupiter, he was a supreme god of Olympia. He was a father of the heroes Perseus and Heracles. He is the youngest son of the titans Cronus and Rhea. When he was born his father wanted to swallow him like the children but Rhea saved him. Rhea hid him in a cave. Now they call it the cave of Zeus. They use their flashlight to cast puppets like images of baby Zeus. When Zeus got grown he caused his father Cronus to throw up all of the other kids he swallowed.