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Greg and Stacy are teaming up for a new professional learning opportunity. We are starting a professional, virtual article club starting in October 2015. If you want to get in on it, this is how it works...

The club will meet for the first time on Wednesday, October 7 to introduce you to the technology. Greg will explain it, and then we will practice using it. Stacy will post or send the article. We all read the same article, and then post comments, ideas, and successes as part of an ongoing dialogue, surrounding the article, on a blog. Therefore, it will become a resource for professional learning. This will take place monthly with a designated week to make your post! Do it at your leisure!

The first article will be selected, but after that, we would very much appreciate teacher input of suggested articles that were meaningful to you!

Professional Article Blog

Wednesday, Oct. 7th 2015 at 2:15-2:45pm

West Branch Area School District, PA, United States


We will meet physically the first time, October 7, 2015, to learn the technology. After that, we are going virtual! Greg will support us through learning to use the technology for those that would like to meet beyond our first meeting or would like to utilize it in your classrooms.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Agenda for Oct. 7

1. Meet and mingle with some light refreshments.

2. Greg will introduce our blog forum.

3. Practice using the technology.

4. Stacy will post or send the article.

5. We ask that you make at least one post over the course of the designated week related to your thoughts about the article or comment on someone else's response.

6. Have fun! This is a way that we can support one another as a community of learners!

You know you want to...

You read on your own--articles, blogs, social media, books, etc., so why not read with your colleagues?!? Join us! Let's book it--TOGETHER! There are great things happening at WBHS! Let's SHARE those ideas! This is a forum to do just that!

Don't believe us?!? Just read...

We'll create the blog FOR you! Just read and post!!!