The Kind Of Friends We Used To Be

By:Courtney Dannemiller


The theme of the story The kind of friends we used to be would have to be no matter what you look like or who your friends with doesn't mean you should be left out or excluded from a friendship.


The summary of the book The Kinds Of Friends We Used To Be. Kate and Marylyn are in the 7th grade, Marylyn continues to hang out with the cheerleaders she starts to ignore her long friend Kate. Kate is more of a tomboy she doesn't care for looks or sports she loves and is interested in playing the guitar. She makes different friendship connections, she meets this one girl names Flannery but she was very familiar, Kate found out she went to school with Flannery but she bullied her. When they found out they shared the same love for the guitar they became good friends. Both Kate and Marylyn realize there friendship will survive the test of time, but they both realize that they need other friends to support them as there interests and needs change.


The setting is at school


Kate and Marylyn are best friends forever... Well except for last year when they weren't friends anymore. They both want to be friends again. There trying to fix there broken friendship but they are becoming more and more unlike. If only Kate would take some of Marylyn's fashion advice. Kate wants to be the exact opposite of the Middle School Cheerleaders. The way they become better friends again is not let there differences come between them forever.

About The Author

Frances O' Roark Dowell was born in Berlin Germany, in 1964. Her family lived in Germany because her father was stationed there as a lawyer for the United States Army. Before becoming a novelist , Frances created an arts magazine foe girls who wanted to become writers and artists, called '' Dream/Girl''. Frances printed 200 copies of the first issue of Dream/Girl and handed them out to friends.

Favorite Quotes

1. '' Don't be afraid to be different.

2. Different is better

3. Different is much more interesting