/_____________THE BITEABLE BITES!_____________\


Enter Sweet Tooth, a Trade Show 2013 company located at Allan A. Martin Public School.

We are a company comprised of three members. Sweet Tooth was founded in December of 2012 by Akaash P., Hazim N., and Qaiz K.D., three

Grade 8 students at Allan A. Martin Senior Public School.

Our product is nicknamed "Marshmallow Teeth." It is two cookie halves with icing spread around the rounded edges. Then, we placed mini marshmallows together along the icing and stuck the second cookie half on top. It tastes delicious, looks amazing, and will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!

Thank you for clicking on our flyer! Please take your time reading through this page for more information. Enjoy!

Product Photo Gallery

Visit us at Trade Show!

You can come learn about us at our booth at Trade Show. The address of where Trade Show will be taking place will be found below.

Trade Show

Thursday, May 9th, 9am-8pm

1390 Ogden Ave

Mississauga, ON

This is where Trade Show will be taking place. Enter through the front doors after parking and you will be greeted by our many volunteers.