Panther Roar!


How do you say 'thank you' for sunshine or health...for clear days or gentle rains...for happiness, joy or love? You say it by sharing what you have. You say it by making the world a better plain in which to live. - Thomas D. Willhite

A HUGE thank you to Mr. Clark, Mr. Ferguson, Mrs. McConnell, Mrs. Barlow, Mrs. Williams, and Mrs. Rice for offering to share their laptop carts and/or reserved lab times to assist in rescheduling a test when Eduphoria challenges delayed the scheduled student testing.

-Gina Conner

Another HUGE thank you to Gary Alexander for being so flexible and gracious in relinquishing a laptop cart to me for a day when those Eduphoria challenges delayed the scheduled student testing.

-Gina Conner

Thank you to Tammy Duncan for ALL her AWESOMENESS! She is the best Team Leader and goes above and beyond everyday. I am truly blessed to be on her team and, an added bonus, located right next door.

-Gina Conner

Thank you, Mrs, Luna, for helping out Team 7-1. You have been a wonderful help this year, and especially this week with crowd control during hearing and vision screenings, helping to teach when I started losing my voice, and assisting Mrs. Moriarty's substitute in giving directions to the class. You have been a life saver!

-Gina Burgdorf

I want to give kudos to Davis and Ortega for always being around to bounce ideas off of them. They've helped me a lot the past two years and I wouldn't be the amazing teacher that I am without them.

-Chris Loftis

Kudos to the following for writing out tutorial/bus passes or for escorting students to the cafe after school: Felkel, Burgdorf, Palermo, Oslund, Ratica, Minster, Moriarty, Loftis, Maki, Ortega,


-Art Jimenez

Kudos to Anndrea Harrold for being such a great support to the ELA department!

-Emily Minster

Kudos to our AWESOME front office staff!!!!!! They are always checking up on people to see if they are ok, when they stop by, they always have a smile to brighten your day when you do, they don't get mad when you don't answer your radio......AND, just simply the best looking group to work with EVER!!!!

- Philip Aguinaga

Kudos to 8th grade US History for a successful Veterans Day! Mara Burton, Sam Jones, Todd Jannson, Chris Tong. Thank you also to Linda Kay, Leticia Sihalla and NJHS for all there support. Also, thank you to PTA for all the fantastic food for our veterans!

-Hilary Perez

Kudos to Ms. Burton and the Social Studies department for a great Veteran's Day celebration.

-Tonne Williamson

Huge kudos to the 8th grade social studies team, Mrs. Kay, Mrs. Sihalla, PTA, Mrs. Perez, Mrs. Salazar, Mr. Damron, Band, Choir, Mrs. Pinson, Mr. Mutscher and everyone else who was involved in the Veteran's Day celebrations. It went wonderfully and I can't thank everyone enough for their help!!!!

-Mara Burton

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Monday 11/16 - Boys Basketball vs Chisholm Trail (7th @ RMS) (8th @ CTMS) 5:30-7:30

Monday 11/16 - Spirit Night at Zaxby's - 5:00-8:00

Wednesday 11/18 - Wacky Weds - silly sock day

Thursday 11/19 - Girls Basketball vs Chisholm Trail (7th @ RMS) (8th @ CTMS) 5:30-7:30
Thursday 11/19 - PTA meeting @ 6:30 in Cafe

Mon-Fri 11/23-11/27 - No School - Thanksgiving Break!