Ulysses S. Grant

Why and how was he significant during Civil War?

Ulysses S. Grant was significant and a great influence to everyone during the Civil War Era.

He was president, general, politician, and a great peacemaker. he helped fix many foreign problems and was really good at being a president. he was a very talented horse rider when he was young which made him able to be in the military and graduate cavalry.

He really liked the subject of politics and always went up to date to them. probably this why he is president. other reason is that he helped Lincoln a lot before Lincoln got assassinated.

One thing is that he was a really unique president.

being the 18th president after the civil war, he was very good at it. he solved and fixed many foreign problems. And, he helped the nation during the reconstruction. He worked really hard and did a very good job at the reconstruction.


Frequently asked questions

What happened during his childhood that made him want to join the army.

- He was very good at cavalry so he thought he might have a shot in the army. He did,

What battles did he won during the Civil War?

-at Fort Donelson and at the Battle of Shiloh.

Was he a good president?

-Sort of. He did tho encourage others that anyone could be president if they tried.

Ulysses S. Grant

He signed and ended the war at Appomattox Court House.

He made Robert E. Lee surrender and sign a treaty at Appomattox Court House. (a town)

He won the war for Lincoln and the Union/Nation. making it embarrassing loss for Robert. E Lee and a glorious win for Grant and the Union. Though, after Lincoln gets assassinated, it would be a troubling time to fix the nation. But, he does it. (with help of course).

he helped in the war for 4 YEARS!!!

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Problem with reconstruction but it would be solved

Grant went into office during an incredibly difficult time in American history. The Civil War was finally 0ver, and the country was grappling with how to reconstruct and reunite in the war's aftermath. As President, Grant was determined to obey and understand Lincoln's rule and orders of pairing back with the South rather than one the whole nation being punished. He also wanted to make sure that the federal government hold back sacrifices of the war by containing a strong Union while at the same time protecting the newly freedmen and preventing former unreconstructed Confederates from regaining power in the South. Those goals proved difficult, if not impossible to reconcile.