Aliens are cool, You little fool

Let them stay or we all go away

These Aliens are humans too.

You are taking people who live here, work here, and socialize here with people you don't call aliens.They have houses here in the U.S.A. with everything they own, which they had to work their butts off because most of them arrived here nothing and turned it into something special for their family to enjoy. They have jobs which don't pay amazingly well, but they work everyday to get more money for everyday expenses. Brb, let go and talk to TJ about all this.

Ok I'm back with some great news (the news that everyone wants to hear except for John Adams) about why the Alien and Sedition acts are bad. They are bad because it doesn't follow the first amendment with the freedom of speech. Which is in the original constitution and gives everyone in the U.S.A. the freedom to say what they want without prosecuting them. So with hearing all that will you accept the so-called aliens as friends or will you accept them as foes

Freedom For ALL!!!

Join our cause so EVERY American can be free. Wouldn't you want someone to stand up fro your freedom? So do it for these americans who are being called "Aliens" because of where they came.

You decide who is right and Join them

Please choose our side and save all these people that might have to leave