By: Kaliyah Mckinnon

Medea's Beginning

Medea was the princess of Colchris. She was a half-god skilled in magic and sorcery. She was the daughter of Aites(the king of Colchris). Medea had a brother named Apsyrtos.
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Medea And Her Love Life

Medea then fell in love with Jason(a hero).Her and her brother,Apsyrtos, sailed from Colchris with Jason. She later married Jason and had two sons. They lived happily for ten years Then Jason fell in love with Creusa, so Medea sent Creusa a poison wedding gown that killed her when she put it on. After that Medea then killed her two sons that she had with Jason.Medea does not flee in a dragon chariot, Jason arrives at her house (hoping to kill her for Murdering Creon and Creosa) just after she has killed the children, then she comes out to talk to him at first denying that she killed the children. She then tells servants to bring out the children, who are dead, and Jason is heartbroken. Medea then goes back into the house and Jason tries to follow her, but "collapses".