This Winter Season

ASSE Ohio Area Newsletter

Holiday Break

The ASSE holiday break runs December 22 through January 3. My plans? I will be checking my emails periodically and have an international service on my phone. However, I may not be able to hear my voicemail messages. If I see you called. I will call you back.

Our first day back is January 4. The break is meant for all of us, so I encourage you families and Area Reps to let non-urgent matters rest during this time. Please contact your Area Reps only for emergencies only when the health or safety of a student is involved. Should a student need medical attention, please let your area rep know immediately, and they can call me to let me know what's going on. They can help you walk the family through supporting the student and using the students' health insurance.

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Christmas is a time when we remember everyone we love.

As I was putting up Christmas decorations from around the globe, I was reminded how blessed I am working with amazing young international students and their precious host families! The enclosed picture was taken at the wedding of a host family’s son. They invited all the exchange students they hosted over the years. I was pleased that so many came from so far away… even Nuk from Thailand who was the very first student I represented nearly 12 years ago.

Best Wishes to you during the holidays and all year long!