CreekKids Parent Letter

December 2015 -- Preschool

The Big Picture for December

Merry Christmas! Is there a more fun month than December with a preschooler? I say no. Their little faces light up with awe as they take in all the music and lights and new experiences. They sparkle just as much as the Christmas decorations around them.

We’re going to sparkle too this Christmas! As we share the story of Christmas throughout the month, we’ll make a “Story Sparkler” to go with that piece of the story. By the time they’ve made it through December, each child will have a pail full of story sparklers so they can retell the story of Jesus’ birth at home.

We’ll start the month with the story of how the angel came and told Mary she was going to have a special baby named Jesus. Then, during week two, Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem to find no room in the inn, and Baby Jesus is born in a stable. The shepherds enter the story in week three and run to meet this special baby. Finally, the wise men arrive in week four completing the Christmas story.

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