Welcome To Botswana

6th period-Shivam S.

The amazing geography of Botswana

Botswana is located is the southern africa. It has land that is about 600,370 sq kilometers.

Sunshine totals are high all year round although winter is the sunniest period. The whole entire country is dry for only one season.The natural recourses are diamonds, copper, nickel, salt, soda ash, potash, coal, iron ore, silver. The major landforms for botswana are usually deserts mountains and plains.The major cities are Maun · Kanye · Mahalapye. The major rivers are Zambezi river, Limpopo river,okavango river,crocodile river,cuando river,Shashe river,molopopo river,marico river.Ther is also the Kalahari Desert, & Okavango Delta.

The history of botswana

1966 - Independence from Great Britain.

1977- Botswana defense force established.

1991- 12000 public workers are killed because of going on a strike.

1997-presidenty is limited to 2 5 year terms voting age is lower from 21 to 18.

2000- devastating flood more than 60000 are homeless.

The culture of Botswana

Ethnic groups in Botswana. Tswana people (79%), Kalanga people (11%), and Baswara (3%). The remaining 7% consist of other peoples, including some speaking the Kgalagadi language, and 1% of non-African people.English is the official language of Botswana, but the most common language is Setswana, a Bantu language understood by over 90% of the population.
National Anthem of Botswana - New Earth Voices A Cappella


Botswana has a constitutional democracy. General elections are held every 5 years. Each of the elections since independence has been freely and fairly contested and has been held on schedule. The country's minority groups participate freely in the election. It is a very thought through plan.

Economics of botswana

Botswana has enjoyed one of the fastest growth rates in per capita income in the world since independence, although it slowed down because of problems. The economic growth rate averaged 9% per year from 1967-2006, but slowed during 2007 and 2008 to only 3% before dropping to minus 3.7% in 2009. In 2010, real GDP grew by approximately 7.5%.

Top 5 places to vist in Botswana

!. Chobe National Park

2.Okavango Delta

3.Tsodillo hills

4.Nxai pan National park

5.Tuli block