Alayna Kolb

5 themes of Meography


Define: There are two kinds of Location, absolute location and relative location. Absolute location is a specific location like an address. Relative location is an approximate location.

Absolute:45.6333° N, 94.5667° W

Relative: 10 miles south of Albany


Place: an area that is defined by everything in it

Human Characteristic: 10 buildings, light brown house, 80 acres. lots of barns, horse pasture.

Physical Characteristic: good farm land, cold and snowy in the winter, hot in the summer. somewhat hilly land. many trees

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my house

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Human-Environmental Interaction

Define: how people adapt, modify and depend on the environment.


Define: the way people, products, ideas and information move from one place to another

Transportation- I get to places buy truck and bus.

Goods- my nike shoes are made in China

Communication- I use my cell phone and mail

Traveled- I traveled to Puerto Vallerta Mexico

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Define:An area that is defined by certain similar characteristics.

Physical feature: cold and snowy in the winter.

Human Feature: lots dairy farms