Charles Darwin

by JD Larosiliere

Early Life

I was born February 12, 1809, in Shrewsbury, England. I have one brother and I died in 1882 when I was 73. One day when I was a kid, I found 3 rare beetles. I put two of them in my hands and I popped one beetle in my mouth. The beetle squirt out a gross fluid so I had to spit it out. Then I put the two that I was carrying in my collection jar. My grandfather inspired me to be a scientist because he had unusual ideas and he talked to me about these ideas.

I went to Shrewsbury School and did not do well in school, but I did like studying science. I first went to medical school, but I did not like it because I had to open people's stomachs and I thought that was gross. Then I studied the Bible to become a priest and I graduated from Cambridge University in 1831. I was mostly interested in plants and animals.

Life as a Man

My first job was to be a naturalist on a boat called the HMS Beagle. The Beagle went to different places to find plants and animals. I worked on the Beagle for 5 years and I collected specimens and then studied them for the rest of my life. I found fossils of extinct animals and they looked similar to species of animals that are still alive. I wanted to study the connection between them.

I believed that animals changed over time and I called this evolution. I believed that new species could be made. Many people thought this wasn't true because they believed that God created people and I believed that people evolved from monkeys. Most scientists believe in my ideas now but back when I was alive my ideas scared the world.

My Family

I married my cousin Emma and she made pottery and she was really good at it. Emma sold her pottery to the king and the queen and that's how she made lots of money. Since we had lots of money I could study more because I didn't need to have a job. Emma and I had ten children then I started to write down stuff in my notebook. I especially liked to record things the kids did that were weird or naughty.

My Famous book

On November 24, 1859, I published a book called The Origin of the Species. It was about a theory of evolution and how all living things change gradually over time. It was very controversial. I let other people defend me and I went home and studied .