6J Garden / Kitchen Class

Term 2 Week 5

Monday 5.4.16 - Year 6J - Garden

We started our garden lesson off with a garden walk. Looking at the different plants growing during this season. Sudents were also asked to make a list plants that needed harvesting and jobs they could see needed done. The aim of this is for the students to take ownership of the garden and learn first hand how to care for and maintain a garden.

Then we played a game of wizards. Students took it in turns to come out and compete against each other. They had to quickly point to different plants as they were called out. Great fun way to learn different plant names, before planting.

After the stong winds there was a bit of tidy up work needed in the garden. Straw needed to be placed back onto garden beds where it had blown off, some banna grass and banana trees had fall over, so they needed to be cut down.

We also removed the daisy bushes, as we have just recently found they were providing the snails with a great habitat, which we don't want. We will be planting some other flowers in their place to attact the bees and add colour to the garden.

At the end of the session all students helped water the garden and some students did some planting - cauliflower, broccolli, beetroot and spring onions. More plants will be planted tomorrow.


Today the first group worked together as a team and made Cauliflower and leek soup, using fresh produce for the garden. The second group made Jonny Cakes.

At the end of the sessions all students came together and enjoyed trying both, the soup and the little Jonny cakes. They were yummy.