6th Grade Newsletter

October 9th - October 22

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10/09: Online Shop opens for the Book Fair

10/14: Picture Day & McDonalds on Wickham Spirit Night

10/16 - 10/23: Scholastic Book Fair

10/21 : PTO Meeting (10/14 original PTO date moved)

10/23 : Next 6th Grade Team Newsletter

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Math: Classroom Connection

Hello from the Math World!

We just finished up Chapter 2, and we are now headed to world of beginning Algebra! It is quite a ride as we explore variables and equations that are quite a sight to see. We will also discuss Algebraic Expressions which should bring back some childhood memories for all of you. What about simplifying an expression? Glad you asked, because we have that covered too. And of course, as if that wasn’t enough, your children will refresh themselves with mathematical properties. Distributive, Associative, Communitive…yes we hit them all again in 6th grade because even though we know they remember being taught that last year, you can never be too certain. I would not expect a test till at least the last week in October. But there will be plenty of quizzes to be taken. They will give your child an opportunity to really drive their grades up! That’s all from Mathland.

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ELA: Classroom Connection

Next Week:

· Comprehension - We are currently reviewing our skill of identifying plot elements within texts. This upcoming week, we are focusing on the short story, “Just Once,” as practice this skill. Although we will not have our usual weekly vocabulary lesson this week, we will still be looking at vocabulary in context with our story.

· Grammar - Identify types of pronouns and discuss pronoun-antecedent agreements.

The week of 10/19:

· Comprehension - Informational text and figurative and connotative meanings.

· Over the next two weeks, we will also be finishing our Digital Reading Logs as we end the first nine weeks. Students have been working hard on these as they practice the reading skills that we have been working on in class.

Upcoming tests:

Friday, 10/16 – “Just Once” Comprehension test and Plot Skills test

Tuesday, 10/20 – Grammar test (Pronouns)

S.S: Classroom Connection


Students will learn how responses to geographic challenges resulted in the formation of complex Sumerian city-states. They will also learn about the characteristics of civilization and analyze artifacts to determine how each characteristic was exhibited in ancient Sumer.

Essential Questions:

How did geographic challenges lead to the rise of city-states in Mesopotamia? Why do historians classify ancient Sumer as a civilization?

Vocabulary Words:

city-state, Euphrates River, irrigation, levee, Mesopotamia, silt, Sumer, Tigris River, artisan, cuneiform, merchant, pictograph, scribe, social structure, technology, ziggurat


Africa and the Middle East


Students will work in teams to debate on whether Ancient Sumer was a true civilization or not. They will also take part in a Mesopotamian job fair.

Upcoming Quizzes/Tests:

Stay current with these (TBD) dates on Bloomz.

A study guide will be provided that teaches students how to study effectively.


Sci: Classroom Connection

Topic: Physical Science

(Energy Transformations, Forces, Newton's Laws)

Essential Questions: What is the law of conservation of energy? How does friction affect energy transformation and an object's motion? How do balanced and unbalanced forces differ?


law of conservation of energy, friction, force, contact force, noncontact force, gravity, balanced forces, unbalanced forces


Skate Park Energy Lab

Friction Lab

Upcoming Quizzes/Tests:

Stay current with these (TBD) dates on Bloomz.

A study guide will be provided that teaches students how to study effectively.

What Newton really learnt during his self-isolation from the plague

Attention: Parents of Brick and Mortar Students

In the unlikely event that your child is not able to attend school due to an extended illness or COVID precautions, we are able to accommodate them in our eLearning classes for the time being. You would simply have them use the ZOOM code below to enter into our classes online. Keep in mind this opportunity is reserved for only those that have a situation where they are NOT able to attend school. Also, you will need to contact one of your teachers letting us know that your child will be requesting eLearning for that day. Once administration permission has been received your child may join eLearning.

If you have any questions about our policy, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher.

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Contact Information

Mr. Zgonc (6th Grade Math)


(321)433-0050 Ext. 46845

Mrs. Rumph (6th Grade ELA)


321-433-0050 Ext. 46846

Mrs. Wallace (6th Grade S.S. & SCI)


(321)433-0050 Ext. 46834

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