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Biography by: Kloe


Bach was born on march 31,1685. Bach grew up in a family that were wonderfull musicians. When Bach was 7 he went to a school were he recieved religios teaching and he learned about Christ. Bach started playing the violin and the harpscord at a very young age and he was very good at it. bieng good at instruments helped him get into a school in Luneburg.

Early Career

Bach's early career was a growing reputation of a outstanding performer. Bach was in a position of a new church he was in charge of the music that was played at the church and he was also in charge of music lessons for kids that want to learn how to play a instrument or learn how to sing. Bach did not get along with his students and he got scolded by the church for not giving the kids enough practice time. Bach was kicked out of allot of churches in the past.
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  • Bach raised 20 children (from 2 wives
  • Bach served prision time for 1 month
  • Bach was one of the best composers in Waymar
  • All of Bach's children died when they were newborns
  • Bach was a positive effect on socioty

Final Days

In 1740 Bach had eye surgery and he became completely blind .Bach suffered from a stroke in 1750 and he died in Leipzig on July 28, 1750. Bach was rememberd as the greatest composer.

Personal Life

Bach's personal life is very confusing and sad, Bach married his cousin and, they had 7 children but the new born baby's did not last long the baby's died as infants. After Bach's first wife died he married a singer they had 13 children the new born baby's did not last long either as the first baby's these baby's died as infants.
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