Rachel Cooper

Ceramics 1

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I created this project because my friend inspired me with her cupcake she was doing and it kind of just stuck with me till I finally made it. When I was making the cupcake the stem to the cherry kept falling over until it went into the kiln something must have hit the stem because it came back without one. I would change the colors because the colors turned out very dark and I would have made it with more color.
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I actually created this project because it was the one I liked most out of all the things I drew for that project and I had asked my friend Kelsey what she thought the same thing, so I ended up with the squid. I had a problem with the tentacles staying on the body of the squid and after I had fired it someone had broken some of the tentacles off of the squid. They had also hot glued the squid to the top of the table, so I had Mr. Jenkins help me get it off and he also helped with mixing the glue. I would change it so the squid would have whistled because I think it would have made it a lot cooler.
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Critique 1

Ellen Schon



Smoke-fired clay

13" x 20" x 20"

Art Critique #1

The artwork looks as though the center is as the name says a "vortex". The artwork looks like the edges are made of triangles but with rounded edges. The artwork looks as though it has been scratched, making it look as though it is rough and has been through a lot. The scratches on the artwork look to be grooves as if portraying an actual whirlpool. The artwork makes it look as though the dark and light brown color signifies a blaze of fire. The artwork looks as though it spirals from the center to the outside of the object. The object also portrays a wave like pattern. The signifying color indicates that it has been fired in a kiln. The artwork's lighter colors indicates that the object in that area hasn't been through as much intense flame then the darker areas. I think this sculpture is about expression of feeling more than anything else. When I look at this piece of art I see darkness and a more of a depressed like feeling, I get this because of the name Vortex, and the fact that she made it darker. I think that it signifies a hard time in her life that she expressed by making this sculpture. The artwork justifies her mood at the time she was making this piece because of the rounded points. I think more than anything though that she wanted to get away from whatever she was facing that point in her life time by making this piece. I think this artwork is more of a thing you might put this such as keys. It really don't catch the eye. I think that its not really successful because the creativity isn't there its more of a "okay well I can see that" and move on. Its a dark sort of artwork, it appeals to my more dark side then making me feel anything nice about this artwork. The artwork has an appeal just not one that can be recognized by simply looking at it one time.

Art Critique of Vortex

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Critique 2

Laocoon and His Sons

Agesander, Athenodoros, and Polydorus

25 B.C.

White Marble

1.84 m in height

Art Critique #2

The artwork depicts three men fighting what looks to be a serpent. The artwork also depicts that they are trying to get away but can not. The artwork is cut short to say because they have a loss of an arm or a hand. The serpent in the artwork looks as though it is biting the man; therefore he is crying out. Therefore the artwork also depicts the man on the right of the middle man looks worried at the middle man. The artwork is arranged around the center man being bitten by the serpent, and the other two entangled with the rest of the serpents body. The artwork leads to a lot of emphasis on the middle figure and the serpent. The marble casts shadows in places with a less emphasis on the center and the surroundings. Making it to were the most important parts are "highlighted". The shapes of all the men are as though they are real; it makes it an illusion. I think this sculpture depicts a story of something that had happened to these people in order to warn the rest of the people. This piece falls over an over whelming feeling of fearfulness and melancholy. I think the idea is to tell a story of what could happen if you aren't careful enough to realize you could be in serious trouble. But also be cautious when fighting an unknown object. The mood of this piece is frightened and sad, but also has a more " I should have been careful" feeling to it. I think this artwork is successful because it appeals to the sight and the feelings in-captured in the piece. The artwork shows the emotions of the situation these men found themselves in. The artwork shows the feelings and the note of " you never know whats around the corner". The piece appeals to my emotion in a way that I begin to feel the emotions in the sculpture. What makes this a good piece is it is detailed to the extent of the human body, you can see the emotion in the situation, and you are able to comprehend what the situation was like in this era.