Milton Hershey

Creator Of Hershey Chocolate

Early life and childhood

Milton Hershey was born on September 13,1857 IN derry church he was an only child he married Catherine in 1898 they were unable to have kids he died Otober 13 1945 he was 88


Milton Hershey was known for Hershey Choclate it helped hunger because it was cheap.

Hershey tastes good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iportant events

13,1857 Milton Hershey born .1867 Milton's father cut himself out of the family picture .1893 Hershey got up close with the art of chocolate making .1900 Hershey sold Lancaster Carmel co. for 1 million. 1907 his winning ideas including Hershey kiss October 13,1945 Hershey died.

fun facts

in early 1900 Chocolate was the expensive for the average person today Hershey is a household name he attended 6 schools before completing 4th grade.


so Milton Hershey was a very exiting man he did lots of things in his life like making Hersey it might have taken him to go to 6 schools before completing 4th grade but he never gave up.