Family Engagement Program

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Effective Communication

Even older children are likely to mimic a parent's behavior, so talk to your child the way you want them to talk to others. Be positive, encouraging and supportive. Set a great example by following these guidelines:

-Be honest. If you do something wrong, say so , and do not forget to say you are sorry.

-Be clear and explain your reasoning.

-Be consistent. Set expectations and follow through every time.

-Be willing to model the way.

-Be a good listener. Give your child your full attention and expect the same from them. Make eye contact to show you care about what they say.

-Tell them you love them and are grateful for them and why. Ask them what they are grateful for.

-Share your thoughts and feelings regularly and ask your child to do the same.

-Show them you are interested! Find out what your child is interested in and ask questions.

-Keep the conversation going! Ask open-ended questions and follow your child's lead rather than directing the conversation.

-Play as a family! Family fun helps build trust.

Adapted from Texas Families Growing Together and endorsed by the Texas Pediatric Society and the Texas Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Learning Hero Roadmap-Resource for Parents

You want the best for your child but the path forward isn’t always clear. Here’s your guide to help.

HEB Read 3 Early Literacy workshops

We've all heard about reading to your child at least three times a week. NEISD has partnered with HEB Read 3 to take early literacy to the next level. Join us for a 6-week series of early literacy classes for you and your 3 -4 year old where we will teach you a variety of activities to do at home. We have a variety of locations, dates and times throughout the district.

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NEISD Instructional Technology Services

Our goal is to prepare teachers and students for an interconnected digital world by encouraging best teaching practices and facilitating effective technology integration to increase student engagement and create lifelong learners.

Do you know where your kids are?

If you or your family are iPhone users, you have a built-in app called “Find My” (“Find My Friends” app if iOS 12 or older) to help you locate one another. However, what if you don’t have an iPhone OR some of your family members have Android devices? Here are a couple of options if you have an Android phone OR iPhone to help keep up with your family:

  • Google Maps: Yes, this app which may already be on your phone, has a location sharing feature!

  • Life360: free features include the ability to set and receive location alerts when family or friends arrive or leave a location, as well as chat within the app. Parents may be interested in additional paid features.

  • Your cell phone carrier may have some services that they offer:

For more information on location sharing apps to help keep connected with your family, check out this resource.

Meet our Family Specialist at Ed White Middle School

Meet Lenny Leos, he is the Family Specialist at Ed White Middle School. Lenny was born and raised in New Braunfels, Texas. He is a graduate of Our Lady of the Lake University with a Major in History and Sociology. He is also a graduate of Concordia University with a Master’s in Education Administration. He has been part of the North East ISD family for 11 years. Prior to becoming a Family Specialist, he was a Probation Officer in Bastrop, Texas as well as a Reconnecting Youth teacher for 9 years at New Braunfels High School. Lenny loves being in his position and states that helping students and families tear down any barriers towards academic success makes his job that much more rewarding. He loves being able to provide assistance to his students, families and community. Lenny loves his Ed White community and feels as if they are family. As a Family Specialist, Lenny offers a variety of courses, presentations and learning opportunities through the Family Engagement Leadership Academy.

Lenny has been happily married for seventeen years to his middle school sweetheart. They have two beautiful children, Gavyn and Sophia as well as a rescue dog, Nacho. Thank you Mr. Leos for your hard work and dedication to our students and their families.

Family Engagement Leadership Academy

NEISD's Family Engagement Leadership Academy (FELA) is designed to enhance and empower family engagement in the education of their families. Your campus Family Specialist offers a variety of trainings, workshops, and classes FREE of charge to all parents, grandparents, and community members.

Domains are:

I. Parenting

II. Life Skills and Essential Knowledge

III. Academic Skills

IV. Health, Nutrition and Safety

V. Leadership and Community Service

Contact your campus Family Specialist or CLICK HERE to find the closest Family Specialist to your home campus.