Why P.E. is Important


  • The earliest form of P.E. started in the year 1820 but really only focused on hygiene training and how to take care of the body
  • In the year 1950 more and more schools considered P.E. to be an everyday subject at their schools


  • P.E. has lowered the obesity rate in America but only by a small amount
  • Every year P.E. becomes more advanced with the new equipment that comes out, the new games students play, etc.
  • Most kids these days sit at home and watch TV or play on their phones or computer so P.E. may be the sort of exercise they get.
  • It is good to be able to get out of the classroom once a day and do something physical
  • P.E. improves skills and also disciplines the students as well

Benefiting Students

  • P.E. teaches the students how to collaborate with others
  • Students get at least an hour of exercise a day
  • May relieve stress a student has

Benefiting Parents

  • Their kids will be more active and may want to play the game or sport they played at school once they get home
  • The children will be active playing a game so it is a bigger possibility the children won’t get caught up in things they know not to do
  • The kids will be more disciplined so they will obey their parents more

P.E. Helps with School

  • P.E. makes the students active and once the class ends they are more aware so in other classes the students pay more attention
  • Being used to doing nothing and not exercising affects students in school because their body is use to it, if the student gets involved during P.E. the student will be more successful in all classes