John Adams

The Greatest There Ever Was

General Stuffs

Term: 1797-1801

Party: Federalist

Vice President: Thomas Jefferson (anti-federalist, 3rd president)

Election Opponents: Thomas Jefferson & Aaron Burr (killed Hamilton in a duel)

Key People of the Presidency

Vice President: Thomas Jefferson (3rd president, anti-federalist)

Secretary of State: John Marshall (Chief Justice, made big changes for Judiciary Branch) & Timothy Pickering

Secretary of Treasury: Oliver Wolcott Jr. & Samuel Dexter

Secretary of War: James McHenry & Samuel Dexter

Attorney General: Charles Lee

America At This Time

-Just got out of Washington's presidency (farewell address)

-still having conflict with France and England

---France: XYZ affair

---England: led to Embargo Act

-A lot of anti-foreign acts coming about concerning immigrants/citizenship

-America becoming more integrated, with the expanding of the right to vote, participation in public events, and overall mixed public spheres.


"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

Economic Policies

  • Was a Federalist: supported a bigger, national government, higher taxes, and centralized banks.
  • Removed the excise tax on whiskey.
  • Began to build a bigger military, needed funding.

Foreign Policies

  • Pro-England , sort of Neutral-France: France; Revolution, XYZ affair , England; led to Embargo Act.
  • I guess you'd say he kind of feared foreign nations, because he built up bigger military/navy.
  • Alien + Sedition acts: Alien) Made the citizenship year requirements higher, so as to prevent immigrants to be able to vote for Anti-Federalists. Sedition) Made it so that the president could deport nearly anyone if they were thought to be suspicious/dangerous.

Domestic Policies

Alien & Sedition Acts - These made it much harder to become a citizen in America, which directly hurt the Democratic-Republican party (which relied on the immigrant support to win their elections.)

The Virginia & Kentucky Resolution - The Democratic Republicans backlash to the A&S acts, which made it so the southern states could declare any law they didn't agree with null and void.